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“Eye-Patch McCain”

I think Tucker Carlson gave Dan Crenshaw a new nickname.

Former Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard questions why lawmakers from both sides are in such a rush to pass the $40 billion Ukraine aid package on ’Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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  1. Tulsi Gabbard the darling of the media.
    Poised to enter the Democrat Primary for President.
    Be careful what you wish for.

  2. “Russia is winning”

    How would we really know? The in-bedded journalists, even those from FoxNews, all have an ax to grind and an agenda to further. I don’t believe any “expert”, any journalist, or any politician knows at all what is going on there, too many special interests groups wagging the dog’s tail.

    I read the other day that Zelenskyy has squirreled away over $billion, ill-gotten gains just like the Biden crime family.

    This conflict involves a bunch of bad guys and suffering civilian victims.

  3. “[J]ust like the Biden crime family” or with the assistance of the Biden crime family? C’mon, man.

  4. “Russia is winning; how would we know?”

    1. Ignore ALL media and western politicians’ spin. They’ve soiled their pants and refuse to admit it despite the obvious signs (the stench and their inability to walk normally)

    2. Look at obvious evidence:
    a. the price of world oil $115/bbl
    b. the ruble v USD
    c. the disastrous trajectories of US and EU economies
    d. the numerous rhetorical retreats and repositioning of goalposts by US, NATO and EU ‘leaders’. Who went so far across the line as to call for regime change for Russia despite initiating this war/conflict/PR disaster unprovoked and unilaterally. IMO, Putin is defending his country’s interests and the interests of his citizens. Can biden, Poland, the UK, Sweden, Greece, claim that??? No!! They are giving up their defense weapons, boatloads of cash, and their foreign policy interests to the “leader” of “the Ukraine”, a former porn/comedy actor who has been caught in multiple ridiculous lies.

  5. Rep. Scott Fitzgerald from a very conservative district in SE WI voted for this bill. Will happily vote for anybody that wants to primary his RINO add

  6. (I forgot the most obvious one):
    3. Potatohead biden has never told the truth, about anything, in his entire miserable life. Why would anyone give him the benefit of the doubt?

    “Maybe this is the first time, the one time, he’s telling the truth.” (?!?!?) Holy crackers, the world is indeed swirling down the bowl. And there is nothing to grab to keep us from going down!

  7. We should give Crenshaw a McCain award for proving that just because you were wounded in service to your country doesn’t necessarily mean you cant be completely spineless

    BTW, I saw this set up in National Review … Of course, it was some 20 years ago, when NR was mostly on our side

  8. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    “Eye-Patch McCain”

  9. Putin is defending his nation’s sovereignty. Imagine what we would have done a while ago if Mexico had decided to join the Warsaw Pact.

  10. I heard the other night, Ukraine’s military budget is $6 billion. So 40 billion will fund another six and a half years of war or three months corruption. Congress hasn’t specified which.

  11. I don’t imagine the rush has anything to do with getting voted out in November and missing out on laundered kickbacks from that 40 billion.

  12. @

    “This conflict involves a bunch of bad guys and suffering civilian victims.”

    As do they all. Name one politician in Washington DC, make that the entire country, you’d want as your landlord?

  13. I see that asshole Cornyn glad handing that Ukrainian bandit. Gotta give him some credit… at least he’s up front about his corruption. That other Texas snake Cruz voted to approve the 40 Billion but did it behind the scenes. Had read or heard much about his vote.
    Texas is sinking….

  14. “I like people who don’t lose an eye”.

    Btw, has anyone dug into how this shit really lost his eye? Because it doesn’t seem plausible a purported Navy Seal (who’re all too familiar with the costs of war), would be clamoring to drag us into another war….not after Afghanistan and especially not in Ukraine against a nuclear powerhouse.

  15. Joe Biden’s scheme ordered by globalists is to hurry up and mobilize the Zelensky-Biden neo-nazi battalion they’ve got going over there, including putting to use the Pentagon-funded biolabs in Ukraine. Keep in mind that even sinister neo-nazis and bio-weaponizers have to eat too.

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