Facebook Removes Interview With Trump From Platform


Facebook removed a video of an interview with former President Trump conducted by his daughter-in-law Lara Trump, saying any content “in the voice of Donald Trump” would be scrubbed from the social media platform.

Facebook permanently banned the former president from their platform in January after the Capitol riot.

On Tuesday, Lara Trump, a Fox News contributor, posted an image on Instagram of her sitting across from her father-in-law, urging followers to “Join us tonight!”



11 Comments on Facebook Removes Interview With Trump From Platform

  1. Since Facebook (along with twitter and such) remains immensely popular with the American people I would say this is probably a welcome move by most Americans.

  2. Chock full of nuts…the first thing I thought when I read this line about Facistbook.

    Why haven’t people left it in droves? How come it remains popular? STUPID peoples who get what they deserve that’s who!

  3. I agree with Facebook and anonymous.I would do the same thing, matter of fact I did do the same things.

  4. So, under the premise that anyone would be better than the horrid Trump, the Dims rigged the election and installed a hapless fuckwit. But that’s ok because he’s *their* hapless fuckwit, with his backup, K-ho the Cackler, at the ready when the inevitable Biden* collapse occurs. Yeah, the censoring and such is bad, but be assured, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The very worst is yet to come.

  5. A lot of non-profits, families, local interest groups have become addicted to Facebook for communicating amongst themselves. IDK what can be done about them as many of the FB leaders are leftists and don’t mind what is going on πŸ™ There has been much feuding between those on the left and right on FB though and the leftists do the cancelling of individuals in the FB groups.

  6. I meant individual cancelling from one’s own FB feed. Not sure a group leader would be able to oust somebody from a group without saying why unless the audience doesn’t mind–but I quit a year ago.


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