Facebook Sets New Policy That Allows Death Threats Against People It Deems Dangerous – Guess Who They Are

16 Comments on Facebook Sets New Policy That Allows Death Threats Against People It Deems Dangerous – Guess Who They Are

  1. It’s an approved hit list.

    The Democrats will naturally do nothing and say nothing. Some of the younger wilder ones may outright approve of it.

    The Republicans, if they say anything at all, won’t DO anything because they’re either bought, compromised or Leftists themselves.

  2. Such predictable assholes.
    They’re continuing to push the limits and getting away with it unscathed.

  3. GB, for every action there will always be a reaction. It may be greatly delayed. It may not be of equal force, at first. Government may try to restrict and prevent the reaction, and threaten to punish even the discussion of the reaction. Media and even clergy may tell you you’re wrong for seeing a reaction as justified. But eventually the reaction always comes. It is a natural consequence, a law of nature. It has happened many times before, as sure as the sun comes up it will happen again.

  4. When an internet forum deliberately allows some threatening or defamatory posts while censoring others it becomes the publisher of them and acquires liability as such.

  5. Combine this with the Left’s love of doxxing and eagerness to do anonymous and cowardly physical violence, even against children…you know what’s bound to happen, and what’s bound to happen in response.

  6. Perry is right. Undeclared civil war.

    When (and if) it goes hot, there is a very long list of enemies of the state that will hang from lampposts as traitors,

  7. If you are invited to a party and some party guests are given champagne, and you get a solo cup filled with goat piss, would you stay?

  8. I noticed that I had a marriage proposal from some woman I don’t know on my junk e-mail account a couple of days ago, I deleted it immediately. I haven’t been on fakebook for over 4 yrs. and evidently I must still have a fake book profile. I hate fakebook and all the other social media sites, they can kiss my ass and stay away from me. Maybe I’m becoming a grumpy old fart, a grouch and a curmudgeon but I can remember when and it wasn’t too long ago that privacy meant that your affairs were private and no one else would know unless you told them. Nowadays everything in aired in public and nothing is private anymore. Get off my lawn and my privacy you fakebook bastards. I never should’ve subscribed to fake book in the first place since I initially thought it was a way to share with my family and friends things that were going on in my life, now I know that they are evil and will try and control your life if you let them, and I won’t ever again.

  9. geoff the aardvark, Aw, shucks. You deleted my marriage proposal? Waaaa. hahahaha

    Seriously, someone would actually DO that?? Never been on Facebook, so not sure WHAT they do!

  10. I’m still on FB because that is how my DIL shares grand-baby photos. I do it keep up with friends. I generally don’t get political there although I did post Alistair Williams latest video which is on this subject. I said “Thant you Paul Joseph Watson” as Williams suggested.

    My bet is that no one has seen it because I have had no response yet. I am sure it would have pissed somebody off.

    Yeah, I know I mentioned this yesterday but I think it was way down in the comments .


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