Facebook’s Oculus Gave Thousands of Customers Face Rashes and Hives

HammerandTusk /pixabay

Futurism: If you’ve been using your Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset lately, you may want to take a quick break to scrub your face.

Facebook, which owns the VR company, announced on Tuesday that it was recalling “about 4 million” headsets after thousands of customers — 45 of whom needed medical attention — reported various forms of irritation on their face including hives, rashes, and burning sensations while they were otherwise immersed in virtual reality.

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  1. Kamala got a lot of face rashes & hives but that was years before Oculus.

  2. Biden gets a lot of rashes and hives but they are on his ass.

  3. Hunter gets a lot of rashes, hives, but they are under his nose.

  4. Slick Willie’s are all over his face, but Hillary has none.


  5. Biden was attending some Wild Fire round table this morning and one of his staff passes him a note telling him he had something stuck on the side of his face. So he picks what ever it was off the side of his face and he ATE it. WTF? That’s something an infant would do. Or a total pig. That dudes mind is gonzo. And he’s leading our freaken nation. Holy shit.

  6. @Brad: Your comment regarding our President is ageist, racist, ableist or all of the above. For decades now, in fact since this nation was founded, the senile, demented, mentally deficient or just plain stupid people have been woefully underrepresented in the Federal government, and now they not only have one of their own in government, but he’s the President. Well, maybe the just plain stupid have been prevalent and over represented in Congress, but the senile and demented are rare.

    The fact that Biden may be able to cause nuclear armageddon just doesn’t seem like a sufficient excuse ignoring political correctness.

  7. @Brad, sounds like PICA. A gal I once dated worked in group homes and she had many stories of such behavior.

  8. @Brad

    “who’s carrying the football?”

    Its in President Dr. Jill’s Purse IF you are lucky.


    The smarted guy Biden knows. Sleep well tonight, and hope he does not drop it off at a computer repair shop….

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