“Facts” About trump reported By Media That Turned Out to Be Hoaxes

Compiled by The Daily Fodder. They have the debunking of each claim HERE.

HOAX: Russian Collusion

HOAX: Trump is a Russian Asset

HOAX: President Trump pressured Ukraine

HOAX: President Trump engaged in a Quid Pro Quo over Ukrainian military aid

HOAX: President Trump solicited a foreign government to interfere in the 2020 election


This list is not nearly complete. Let’s add to it in the comments.

I’ll offer a few-

Trump made fun of a reporter’s disability

Trump stupidly threw an entire box of fish food into a Japanese Koi pond.

15 Comments on “Facts” About trump reported By Media That Turned Out to Be Hoaxes

  1. The Antisemitic Sheriff Star

    Trump was playing golf and tweeting on Thanksgiving.

    Trump praised racists as “very fine people”.

  2. Hoax: Trump said he grabs women by the hoohah.
    Fact: Trump said when you are rich and famous there are women who will let you do anything you want. Like grab them by the hoohah.

    Fact: I’m not rich and famous and have never grabbed a woman by the hoohah, but I know that there are women who would let me grab their hoohahs if I was rich and famous.

  3. Trump gets two scoops of ice cream while everyone else is allowed only one. Trump stole pancakes in his pocket. Trump is losing his mental capacity (As Joe clearly is). Trump is not going to run again. Trump never wanted to win in the first place. Trump is lazy. Trump is only president to benefit his enterprise.
    Pretty much any allegation from an anonymous source is pure bull crap. How many allegations have we read that he is about to fire someone. Endless. And everything they take out of context.

  4. The real truth is that President Trump is Israel’s asset and has Jared Kushner in the White House to make sure he keeps that way. Getting around Constitutional limits on favoring a religion, (((they))) are making it a favored ethnic group. Israel does control the US government and should be criticized on college campuses as freedom of speech in political science studies.

    Trump to sign order recognizing Jewish university students as a protected class
    Legislation effectively recognizes Jews as an ethnic minority; colleges that fail to comply could lose out on federal funding
    “JTA — US President Donald Trump will sign an executive order recognizing Jewish university students as a class protected from discrimination.
    The legislation would effectively recognize Jews as an ethnic minority and not exclusively as a religious group.”

    “The signing of the order will coincide with the White House Hanukkah parties.

    Classifying Jews as a protected class under existing civil rights protections for other minorities has been vexed for years by church-state separation concerns.

    More recently, the concern among civil libertarians is that adding Jews as a class could inhibit Israel criticism on campuses.”

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