Fake Kamala Puts on even more fake Southern accent

Phony Kamala Harris Musters Fake Southern Accent During Campaign Speech For Terry McAuliffe (VIDEO)

Gateway Pundit: Kamala Harris campaigned for Democrat Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe Thursday evening in Dumfries.

Kamala riled up the lefty crowd by showing her support for abortion on demand.

“Don’t Texas my Virginia!” she shouted.
Phony Kamala Harris mustered a fake southern accent as she told the crowd what she wanted for her birthday. more

SNIP: Did you guys hear Virginia or Vagina?

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  1. WDS
    OCTOBER 22, 2021 AT 12:13 PM
    “I feel bad for anyone that’s downwind of her on a hot day.”

    That’s why Pedo Joe sniffs young girls,to clear his olfactory palate.

    Well, that, and also he’s a fucking perverted pedophile who needs to be executed as publicly and painfully as possible.

  2. That’s the most leftists I’ve seen in a crowd since 2019. What happened to their pandemic, shouldn’t they all be blowing horns in provided for Jeeps? Goddamn super spreaders.

  3. The whore must have read the Hillary Clinton bestseller, “I Ain’t In No Ways Tired” & decided to try it out in Virginia.

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