Oh my….

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  1. Never did anyone deserve to be ruined just because of who they are more than Alec Baldwin. Tragic that someone else had to pay.

  2. His crazy wife will have to stop having babies every year now that all of their money will be tied up paying for wrongful death lawsuits instead of designer strollers and diapers.

  3. I’m seeming to be missing something here. How does a stunt gun launch a projectile?

    As much as I detest Baldwin, it seems like the prop manager is the one who is the one who is in deep doodoo here.

  4. I think he’s a fucking jerk of the first order…but I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Accidents happen and if was someone else that put a live round in this weapon, this shit on 100% on them.

    Plus he’s been in more then a handful of movies in which I thought he was pretty good.

  5. Imagine, just another thing he now has in common with O.J. Simpson. Maybe they can share a cell somewhere?

  6. Imagine what crazy mean things Baldwin would be saying if this happened to a known righty actor. Or, a Cheney type hunting incident by one of Trump’s sons?

    The lady he killed from what I read was a from Ukraine. Her dad worked on Russian subs. She was living the American dream. The ties to Russia make this tragic story even more Trump boomerangy.

  7. Who was the actor who was going to be shot by Baldwin during the filming of the scene? He should be buying some lottery tickets.

  8. “Redstate is reporting it was a live round…”

    Define live round. A wax bullet. A super light bullet with primer only? Those will kill if you’re close enough. Supply Era Correct guns to the movies is big business. They are real guns. They select what ever projectile the need for the particular scene. A blank will kill you if you hold the muzzle close to your head. Gas leaves the barrel four times faster than the projectile on a normal round.
    Both people that got shot belonged behind the camera. I think it’s a pretty good possibility this happened while they weren’t filming and it happened due to carelessness. People like Baldwin don’t respect guns and are the most dangerous to be handling one. I guess he just proved it’s possible for an anus to squeeze a trigger.

  9. “It’s unclear where the union got the information that the round fired by Baldwin was a live one, since none of its members were on the movie set.”


  10. Imagine being told to fire the dummy pistol into the “cinematographer” camera head for several takes and the dumb fuck prop guy puts a live round in for shot 27…. I cant stand Alec Baldwin but Breitbart trained me right. innocent until proven guilty Bad Brad.


  11. Premeditated murder.
    There’s more here than meets the eye.
    Hard to believe the prop guy fucked this up.

    izlamo delenda est …


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