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Fake News: Ignorant media confuse horse reins with ‘whips’

American Thinker: By Monica Showalter

City boys don’t know much about horse-riding out west, do they?

Various tenderfoots in the media, followed by assorted Democrats, including the White House itself, have ignorantly claimed that the Border Patrol was using “whips” on migrants in Del Rio, Texas, following a series of misleading pictures published in the press. Here’s an outraged tweet from a soft-handed city-bred blue check:

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  1. Its called pareidolia, want to see a whip look its there, only its really in your mind. That where most of the MSM news comes from.

  2. Whip or not (not) they were aggressively defending the border, trying to prevent people who were aggressively trying to cross.
    The real question is whether it is a problem to defend your border. The only solution for the leftists is open-armed welcome. They promote these scary-looking photos in their quest to get rid of any enforcement agency that would prevent completely open borders.

  3. No ignorance, and no confusion. Deliberate disinfo. Dem reps all across the country are going to campaign on this lie for the next year.

  4. There are some real cowboys who rope for a living around me. Some want to go to the border and rope the invaders. No whips, just reins and lassos.

  5. Garage door pull loop = noose
    Horse reins = whip

    I also remember a few years ago when one of the reporters saw some disposable ear plugs and thought they were rubber bullets.


  6. Sheeeet! I saw more whips in the perv stores in downtown Seattle, than I’ve ever seen in the hands of Border Patrol.

  7. The only thing they’re used to is looking in a mirror and seeing a horse’s ass, anything else is unfamiliar to them.

  8. The uniparty wants open borders which means no country; Lara Logan on Tucker. Remember this was what Geo Bush wanted too.

  9. Leftists never let accuracy or truth get in the way of their always strategic narrative.

    That’s why they manhandle Snopes so they can claim they do research their opinions.

    That’s why you can only trust the dead liberals.

  10. Invaders need be repulsed – by WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY!
    Whips, machine guns, artillery, poison gas – who cares?
    Fuck the rat-people.

    izlamo delenda est …


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