General ‘Swilley’ Beat 1982 DUI Charge, Paid $100 Fine

Tennessee Star:

The Star News Network confirmed Monday that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley was the same Mark A. Milley charged with driving under the influence in Cumberland County, North Carolina, after a Nov. 19, 1982 traffic stop.

The Star obtained the arrest and court records from the incident, which were validated by a Cumberland County, North Carolina, records section clerk to The Star last week.

Here is the record from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department:

23 Comments on General ‘Swilley’ Beat 1982 DUI Charge, Paid $100 Fine

  1. Okay, forty years ago, c’mon.

    Milley is an ass, a tool and a corrupt fool, but don’t let this kind of crap divert your attention from the actual perpetrators of the Afghan disaster or the wokey-dokey military purging. There is a deliberate “information campaign” afoot to do exactly that. Lots of crumbs being thrown while ongoing multifarious evildoing and coverings-up continue.

  2. In today’s military, I doubt you would even be able to enlist with something like that on your record much less become the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  3. It’s possible that the difference between the $100 fine he paid and what he SHOULD have paid is the price for whoever wanted to own his traitorous ass.

    Never forget that there are players with deep financial and power incentives that play a long, long game.

    I don’t know the above to be true, but I haven’t ever been knocked over by a feather.

    Either way, F–‘ biden*, Fry MilleyVanilla, and bury Blinken in a trench of filth for their recent shedding of US servicemen’s blood. Those three are unworthy to make another public statement.

  4. Forty years of lack of personal responsibility. A Libtard General that will go down in history as one very large loser. Inept. Unqualified to command a Boy Scott Troop.
    I hope next time around Trump wrecks asshole like this immediately.

  5. Seriously? You guys are going back forty three years to dig up some dirt on this guy? Drunk driving pales into insignificance compare to what he’s been doing for the last two or three decades.

  6. This comment pertains to Milly Vannilli’s DUI, and NOT his performance as Chairman of the JCoS.

    I sure am glad that most of the commenters on this thread have done nothing in their last forty years that could come back to haunt them, so that they can call him a drunk and worse. This reaks of cheap shot liberal media tactics. I expect better than this.

    And no, I’ve never had a DUI.

  7. “Seriously? You guys are going back forty three years to dig up some dirt on this guy? ”

    I think you’re missing the point bro.


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