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Fake News Reporter Can’t Tell He’s Being Mocked To His Face

Joe Dan scores!

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  1. I used to be Joe Dan’s cousin too – but then I coughed up some $$$ one time. I guess we’re ex-cousins! (In exchange for my small donation I did see my incorrectly spelled name scroll by at warp speed the following month! Totally worth it!)

  2. Joe Dan and Intellectual Froglegs should be mandatory viewing for anyone who visits this site on a regular basis. I owe IOTW a debt of gratitude for hooking me up with his site and YouTube Channel (bastards blocked his last video). He reminds me of Ron White from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour minus the scotch.

  3. Joe Dan!

    OMGosh- MJA you are related!

    I saw the shirt and….LAUGHED OUT LOUD.

    Not sure where I saw JDG maybe on CTH?

    Dan, HOW did you pull that off!!!

    THAT is Pulitzer…

    Gonna make it to one of those barbecues…


  4. I am not into comparison’s BUT JDG is very AB.

    He knows the culture…OUR culture…and politics.

    And how to call them out.


  5. Hey Jim Boy … how does it feel to be de-pantsed in front of the nation?


  6. Way to go Joe Dan,you very nice man. Ha. Wait till Jim finds out who he is, that tweet will come down faster then his pants around barry.
    Geoff C. the Saltine

  7. That had to make Joe Dan’s day.
    – It helped mine. Gives me a good laugh.

    Acosta: “Such a nice man.”
    – I’m gonna guess Acosta hasn’t had the pleasure of watching an Intellectual Froglegs.

    The Frogleg episodes were one of the few things keeping me from losing my mind back when it looked as though Hillary might win the election.

  8. @ BFH – Is there a meme contest goin’ on here?

    What’s Joe sayin’?
    What’s JA Asshole really thinking?


  9. Crowd is cheering.. BUT people come up to us….

    That BUT word negates what you put before it.

    CNN doesn’t want crowd cheering for Trump.

    CNN wants people to acknowledge there are people on their plantation.

    Even thou the person featured is not on the plantation.


    Damn CNN is ST00000000000000000PID.

  10. joe dan has a great delivery. Editing is great too. Plus he used to have a dancing horse clip that was beyond hilarious. Wish he kept it in the show. but . . . .He used a short vid of me that i sent in. That was cool.

  11. Haaaaaaahahahahahahahaha

    Now I ‘get’ the tweet Joe Dan did last night. It was the first tweet that came up when I opened Twitter and, *BAM*, there was Joe Dan’s face filling up the screen! Startled me for a second, then I saw Acosta in the background. It was like he was photobombing him!

    Loves me some Joe Dan!


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