Families of NY gun violence victims want “stop and frisk” reinstated

epa04336708 New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio (2-L) talks with Rev. Al Sharpton (2-R) during a roundtable meeting about police community relations at City Hall in New York, New York, USA, 31 July 2014. The meeting was called in response to a recent incident where a man was killed after being placed in a choke hold by New York City police officers. Also pictured are Police Commissioner William Bratton (L) and New York City Councilwoman Debi Rose (R).  EPA/JUSTIN LANE

“Somebody has to put their foot down,” the uncle said.

“A lot of people would agree with stop-and-frisk if it’s for the safety among us,” he said.

“They used to fight with their hands, he added. “It seems like all these kids have guns these days.”
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8 Comments on Families of NY gun violence victims want “stop and frisk” reinstated

  1. FTA, “An unidentified woman at the Marcus Garvey Houses said of stop-and-frisk, “They need to target it. With all these shootings, people getting killed, do it, but stop and frisk the guys you know from experience might have a gun, and not some kid who’s trying to better his life and get out of here.”

    Ah, so now she wants both “stop and frisk” and profiling. Gee, who would have thought…

  2. I want those two assholes pictured above to be the ones doing the stopping and frisking. How long before one of the friskees is frisked, resists and is then shot dead? Then a whole new round of protesting Black Lies Matter. 🙄

    Knock those two off and NYC will have cause to celebrate.

  3. They’re all fine with stop and frisk until it’s them being stopped and frisked. Then it will be complaining about their Constitutional rights being violated.
    The truth is, the only way to cut down on the crime is to cut down on the liberal policies that foster it.

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