Family of Boy Thrown Off Balcony at Mall of America Says He’s ‘Showing Real Signs of Recovery’

ET: The family of the 5-year-old boy who witnesses said was hurled from a third-story balcony at the Mall of America said that he’s recovering, calling him “our miracle child.”

In a statement issued on Good Friday, the family of Landen Hoffmann said: “We have good news to share with you all on this Good Friday! Our miracle child Landen is showing real signs or recovery. New test results have been positive, though he remains in intensive care with a long road ahead.”

“Our faith in God, and our Savior Jesus, is strong and we are gaining more reason for optimism day by day. We continue our request for privacy as we focus on Landen and thank you for respecting our wishes,” the family added.

“Just know that we all feel your overwhelming love, prayers, and support—He is answering our prayers and they ARE working. Please continue to pray for Landen and his family, every single prayer is important. Thank you so much from all of us and have a blessed Easter weekend.”MORE

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  2. Whenever this kind of shit happens, you inevitably get reports that these creeps were known for months or years to be crazier than a shit-house mouse, but thanks to the libs, you can’t institutionalize them, and no one will stand up to them for fear of being called “racist”.

  3. So sad to hear this, Best to you Landen!
    justice must be served.
    CC: Paul Kersey: Harry Callahan: Chuck Norris: Patrick Bateman: Norman Bates:
    You all know what I’m saying, go for it!

  4. Liberals are more guilty of this kind of shit then ANYTHING Conservatives have even thought about.

    In cases like this where the phucking libs are mute, the vigilantes of common sense should prevail.

  5. No matter how well this boy recovers physically, which will no-doubt be a long and painful road, I have to believe he will suffer terrible nightmares (terrors) for the rest of his life as a result of this.
    And to that piece of shit who threw an innocent little boy off the balcony you need to be given a slow trip to meet the pedophile that made you!

  6. I’m all for Islamic Eye-for-an-Eye justice here.
    Multiply his age by appropriate height and…
    Toss that bugger off a building

  7. I’m with Mickey M on this – except – tie up the sonovabitch, stuff a chunk of ham in his mouth and duct tape it closed, THEN toss his ass off the building. Perfect.

  8. And a few years from now when the boy cringes when a black man approaches him,we will be lectured about how white people are racist.

  9. And you wonder why locals call it the “Mall of Somalia”?

    Wake up, people of Minneapolis.
    Wake the Hell up, everyone!


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