Fans at Yankee Stadium Unfurl a Message

I don’t usually condone giant political statements at venues that should stay apolitical (like kneeling), but in this virulent anti-Trump climate this is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

And this was in NYC!

ht/ Jack Posobiec

10 Comments on Fans at Yankee Stadium Unfurl a Message

  1. No riots? No fistfights? I guess antifa was still at home putting on its makeup. Gotta be quicker than that, kids. Not everything will be leaked to you on a silver platter.

  2. Some guy at the game tweeted that Yahoo sports writer failed to report they were also chanting “lock her up, lock her up.”

    Hahaha….love it.

  3. Considering the quantity of pod people pointing and screaming in their alien dialect and all the hive that can be called into the parking lot after, we can assume the unfurlers were prepared to fight to the death.

  4. In California the cops would have stood by while illegal aliens beat up the goodguys with the banner.


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