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Patriot Retort: From the top on down, the entire Biden administration is an absolute farce.

You know, the other day, I mentioned how US military and intelligence were caught by surprise over China testing a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile back in August. And, honestly, it shouldn’t be a shock at all that these clowns were caught off guard.

This is the kind of clowny garbage this farce of an administration is focused on.

Yeah. That’s not a female, honey. You’d think a doctor like Vivek Murthy could tell the difference between a male and a female. more

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  1. How do you go from never having served in the military to being a 4 star admiral? What a phony baloney administration this is! And this POS participated in sending Covid patients back into nursing homes. The bastard should be in jail!

  2. I doubt that Levine is even gay. I think he’s just an opportunist dressing the part to take advantage of the idiot leftist that are running things at the moment.

  3. I’m sorry, but I somehow missed how a transgender civilian queer became a four star Admiral. Can anyone be declared a four star Admiral now? If I were a legitimate Admiral, I’d be pissed beyond reconciliation.

  4. If it’s got a dick it ain’t a chick.

    This guy has been torpedoed many times already! He really knows how to handle himself in the head, if you know what I mean.

    He wants to sink your battleship…

    He wants 10 corpsemen to work with him. He loves the white uniform and loves to sing that Navy Song (YMCA)

    Pennsylvania is now better off with him out of the State.

  5. St. Elizabeths Hospital in DC would have put this deviant into a strait waistcoat, in a rubber room, and beat it with sand-filled garden hoses when it acted out.

    And it would have died in there, and been pitched into a field of other deviants with nothing but a number above its head.

  6. Farce? More like insanity. Deniers of truth, science and reality. Perhaps a cult? Were it not for the utter destruction of America it would certainly be a Saturday Night Live comedy skit. Mt grandmother saw the Wright Brothers plane fly and then man set foot on the moon. I thought she saw great changes. Being north of 70, now, maybe I’ve seen more change during my lifetime.

  7. @Billy Fuster – “…I wonder if she had her testicles chopped off…”

    Where do I start. First of all, “it” is not a “she”. Secondly, “it” is a pussy – not in the biological physiological sense, but in the lack of testosterone, intestinal and skeletal backbone sense – and thus would never submit itself to the pain and “finality” of castration and/or cutadickoffofme procedure. “It” is a liberal freak show on display.

    p.s., don’t ask me how I know this….heh heh heh…I have sources.

  8. Dr Dick doesn’t want to talk about the snip, so he hasn’t had it done. In the old days that would have been beaten like a drum and left in a ditch outside town.

  9. Fag boy probably was in ROTC in high school and the Biden administration made up loophole after loophole to “promote” this sorry barrel of monkey nuts.

  10. Once again, a pretender takes the “First Ever …” prize away from an actual woman.
    There is a special place in hell for this creature and it’s enablers.

  11. I’m a real man, who just loves to put on dresses, woman’s under garments, thongs, bras etc…. Whats wrong with this picture. Thank you & now out of the closet. Ms Lindsey it’s ok, you can now come out too.

  12. I hope all the liberal women are happy with all this nonsense because it’s going to get worse. Women’s first for breaking all kinds of records and glass ceilings will keep happening by women with dicks and the women without them will have to deal with it.

  13. Do you reckon that when he/it sheds his new uniform that he puts on women’s clothing & hangs around in bars? Monty Python!!!!

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