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Fat Is A Cancer Risk

The Telegraph

The study led by Lund University in Malmo, Sweden, involved 4.1 million participants who were monitored for about 40 years, with close monitoring of their weight and lifestyle.

Over the period, 332,500 cancers were identified. In 40 per cent of cases, there appeared to be a link between excess weight and the development of cancer. More

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  1. …..and heart attacks, stroke, respiratory problems, failing knees and ankles and they block the aisles at the grocery store with the motorized shopping carts full of bad food choices.

  2. I had a 350 lb. brother-in-law who broke my hide-a-bed just by sitting down on it. POP! BOOM! Broke the steel frame! Like a big chunk of steel fractured!

    “What was that?”
    “I’m not sure, Bob, but I think you broke my couch!”
    “How is that possible?”
    “I’m not sure, Bob.”

    The were subsequently divorced and my couch lasted another 13 years, broken.

  3. “I may be confused but I thought this was common knowledge thirty years ago.”

    That’s very true however as time goes on the dangerous of fat continue to reveal themselves. Bottom line is we now know FAT is where your body automatically stores toxins. Here’s where it gets bad, if your obese you most likely eat a lot of toxins. Especially if you ride an electric cart into your grocery store and fill the basket with junk food. But hey, Lizzo is healthy.
    Ironically DJT covered this in his rally tonight when several supporters call Krispie Cream a Fat Pig. DJT immediately laughed and pointed out, “Call him anything you like, but don’t call him FAT”. That exchange is worth looking up.

  4. The higher the natural fat content of foods the lower the risk of cancer.
    There were hundreds of smokers in the 1950’s and 60’s and there was very little cancer among them. They ate a lot of fat beef and pork. Our bodies need fat from sources God created and not man. Our entire brain is fat. Artificial fat [oleo or margarine] and processed fats (corn, saphflower, peanut, soybean) along with the non-digestible High Fructose Corn Syrup is what is killing all of us. 15 years ago my 40Yr old 300 pound nutricionous told me to cut out beef because my cholesterol was 190. Shortly after that, she kicked the bucket and I’m still alive! My Pa passed at 86, Ma is still living at 99, I’m 73 and still walk 3 miles a day.
    Oh yes, I eat fatty beef and eat a lot of pure butter and I AM NOT FAT

  5. Do not know what to think. 35 years in the service. Only recall one guy who pushed the fat ass limit, died young from cancer and he was a smoker who was not physically active. For years we discussed the mystery of skinny guys and their sweeties dying young from cancer. Smell an agenda here.

  6. Simple Minded
    Individual cuts of meat you purchase from your local grocery store are pumped full of poison. Don’t take my word for it. Do some research. Especially beef.

  7. “In 40 per cent of cases, there appeared to be a link between excess weight and the development of cancer.”

    That means that in 60% of the cases (a ratio of 3/2) there WASN’T a link to cancer – or, at least, didn’t appear to be a link.

    I’m not sure what kind of conclusion one can draw from that.
    Perhaps there’s less chance of cancer if one gets fat and stays fat?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Yes an over weight government suffers the same cancers, see Washington as a great example of over weight and cancers. Time for cuts, if it’s not too late.

  9. “there appeared to be a link”
    Which means; maybe there is and maybe there isn’t.

    The 2024 hurricane season may be the most active on record.

    The power grid, cell phone communications, GPS and technologies could be effected by the most intense solar storm in 20 years.

    fear, fear, fear

    bird flu

    Be thankful we’ve got our government to save us from everything.

  10. @Brad SATURDAY, 11 MAY 2024, 23:52 AT 11:52 PM
    We buy a calf from a local farmer and have the locker process it.
    None of this grocery store garbage. The secret is to let it hang from 10 to 14 days before processing.

  11. Let’s not forget that our food supply is poison. Big Food’s eye on the bottom line compels producers to design food products that have the perfect mouth feel and just the right amount of sugar to salt ratio to make us addicted to them. Plus, they have to use all kinds of denatured ingredients and preservatives to make food shelf stable. So what if the public develops diseases from consuming it. There is no way to prove the link between food consumption and diseases years later. Then, in comes Big Pharma with a pill to manage the illnesses.

  12. More sayings about brains, inspired by Simple Minded, above…

    “Our entire brain is fat.” So are women’s breats, they say.

    “The brain is like a muscle.” Okay, how can fat be like a muscle?

    “That’s using the old noodle.” Brain’s are spaghetti noodles, now?

    “Cut your head in!” Owe!

    “She’s an airhead.” And she’s gonna blow, Captain!

    “Your brain is full of mush!” Eat it with a spoon, why dontcha.

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