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Fauci For Prison!

3000+ pages of Fauci’s emails have been released They can be downloaded here as a PDF (~360 MB): https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/20793561-leopold-nih-foia-anthony-fauci-emails At first glance this release seems to be the result of the Judicial Watch FOIA fillings

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  1. Hey! I’m not falling for this again. His emails are probably just about his yoga routines and somebody’s wedding plans, right? Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz, please pick up the white courtesy telephone. (Pfft on the Benghazi attack, too.)

    I’m with Illustr8r and Ferd. If Fauxchi is expendable, there’s no doubt bigger doings going down.

  2. If the left is giving up a sacrificial lamb, Fauci is perfect. He was riding high for awhile. His statements from January 2017 are suspicious. If he is found to have a hand in starting cov19, funding it, or profiting from it…all I can say he will get no mercy.

  3. They are using this as vindication that the virus actually does exist. When people hear it was created in a lab, more people will probably take the jab. Eventually, they will use the lab creation to force jabs. I see where this is going.

  4. Look at how much DESTRUCTION Fauci has inflicted on us, on our country.
    – He shut down our economy.
    – He shut down our schools
    – WORST OF ALL – He helped Biden get elected

  5. Like all tools of the left, Fauci has fulfilled his role and is now expendable. The left trampled over liberties and Trump was thwarted–mission accomplished. Fauci can now be sacrificed to whatever mob wants his head. It doesn’t matter, the left got what it wanted.

  6. And who will prosecute? The DOJ will throw the cloak of “ongoing investigation” and redact everything related to Fauci. Why, the DOJ will say, “It’s China and Russia we’re investigating. Can’t hurt that can we?”
    A full court press (pun) narrative will build and you’ll see Fauci Beatified on his way to the Congressional Medal Of Presidential Coups.

  7. It’s not so much that they’re trying to distract. But WHY are they turning on him when it wasn’t just Judicial Watch with FOIA, it was 2 commie media outfits that wanted those emails, too. Fauci got too big for his big boy pants? Won’t leave the limelight? Caught him sexting with DOCTOR Jill?

    Feds stall for years before they release documents. Why were they so free with this batch?

  8. “No liberal goes to jail. Ever.

    Sad, but this is a fact.”

    Sorry, but the prisons are filled with “liberals” – just “liberals” on the lower rungs of the economic ladder.

    izlamo delenda est …

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