Fauxcahontas Confronted at Town Hall for Calling U.S. Criminal Justice System ‘Racist From Front to Back’

WFB: Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.) was confronted at a town hall Thursday for calling the U.S. criminal justice system “racist from front to back.”

Warren had made that comment during a Q&A session hosted by Rep. Cedric Richmond (D., La.), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, at Dillard University in New Orleans.

The questioner at Warren’s town hall prefaced his question as being from a “young American of color.”

“Your recent comments that you made in New Orleans are just a little but concerning to me. You said the justice system is ‘racist from front to back.’ I’m just concerned that your rhetoric there is inciting some of the division that you claim the president is purporting,” he said.

He mentioned the scope of black involvement in the criminal justice system.

“You say Donald Trump undermines the justice system but it highly concerns me that you made a blanket statement that the over 400 judges of color, thousands of law enforcement officers of color, and even the new black Police Commissioner of Boston are racist,” he said.

He ended the question by asking whether it was beneficial to blanketly claim the entire criminal justice system is racist.

After Warren thanked him for the question, she asked if he saw the Dillard University interview in question.

He replied that he had, but Warren said if he did, he would know she wasn’t talking about any particular ‘individual.’  more here

11 Comments on Fauxcahontas Confronted at Town Hall for Calling U.S. Criminal Justice System ‘Racist From Front to Back’

  1. No blue wave coming. Proof positive that The Great Awakening is occurring this very moment and the left is in deep shit with no escape.

  2. @Kevin, Warren is no commie, she is an opportunist.
    Kind of like the hyenas wandering the Serengeti.
    Relies on scraps and protection from her betters to make a living.
    Willing to kiss the foulest ass, to drink from the most fetid pool, to advance herself.

  3. Sorry, that “person of color” who asked the question was more concerned that the faux Indian painted blacks as racists and not that she accused that the system’s oppressors, i.e., whites, were racists. If you have to identify yourself as a POC when it is obvious, youre a liberal loon. She wasnt called out on the issue, she was given an opportunity to fine tune her slander to whites only

  4. Hmmmm…..The Fauxindian sez; “[Those people] have dedicated their lives to getting out there to try to build a justice system that works and who themselves have come forward and said, ‘this system needs reform. It needs significant reform.'”

    Name One.

  5. “Did you read some bullshit article that I’m loosely mentioning?”

    “Yes, it was bullshit.”

    “Well, you’re clearly too dumb to understand it, or me.”

  6. I say repeal the Third Amendment and start occupying “Densely Populated Areas” (DPA’s) of the country with troops. Clean them out and rebuild. Just a mad thought.


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