FBI does not plan to launch investigation of Kavanaugh over letter


h/t Troublemaker10

Here’s how that started:

Grassley Schedules Kavanaugh Vote for Sept. 20th – Feinstein Pulls Stunt Sending High School Harassment Allegation to Federal Authorities…

17 Comments on FBI does not plan to launch investigation of Kavanaugh over letter

  1. I’m disappointed. I was hoping there would be a major investigation into what Brett Kavanaugh did in High School. Damnit!
    Just shows you just how corrupt the system is.

  2. High school sexual misconduct between a boy and a girl?! SHOCKING! I guess In DiFi’s world heterosexual relationships are inappropriate.

  3. At 4th down and 40 yards to go the democrats try a fake punt under Feinsteins leadership…. and they’re blocked at the line with a sack by the defensive team…. looks like….. yes, They lost significant ground with that and so it’s first down for team Kavanaugh on the dems own 12 yard line.

  4. Instead of investigating Kavanaugh the FBI needs to turn their attention on DiFi and her chicom spy! WTF is going on in our government besides jackfuckingshit?

  5. MJA, yes he did. (It was mentioned on the Howie Carr Show out of Boston today.)
    That doesn’t mean he didn’t date any girls while in HS.
    Probably kissed a girl on the cheek who wasn’t into him and now 40 years later she tells some Dem politician friend and they latch onto the story.

  6. What could two minors possibly have done 30 (?) years ago that would come within the purvue of the FBI’s jurisdiction and also wouldn’t be long past the Statute of Limitations… murder someone and drag him across state lines?

  7. I confess, I used to throw thistles at girls cardigans and hair when I was a young prick. I got into big trouble when I stuck three thistles in Moyra Barrett’s hair. Her dad was Superintendent of Schools. O my God, I got a terrible ass chewing from everyone, my parents. the Nuns, the Superintendent of Schools. I was destroyed. But you know something? Moyra Barrett and I were friends for years.
    Funny how things work out

    Moe tom

  8. As a group the Democrat Senators have more dirty laundry hidden in their closets than a thousand other people at minimum. Yet they think we believe they, this bunch of hustlers, and thieves, have moral standing to pass judgement on Kavanaugh for not living a life completely free of a single fault as a way to block his confirmation to SCOTUS. Give me a break.

    Get off the stage DiFi. You’re not just embarrassing & disgracing yourself. You’re degrading our whole system of government. It’s the old story of an old worn out cracked & blackened pot calling the new shiny pot black. ( no offense meant toward black people) DiFi is so arrogant she’s self deluded into believing herself to be a saint.


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