FBI Removes “Empty Folders With CLASSIFIED Banners” From Mar-a-Lago Inventory List – IOTW Report

FBI Removes “Empty Folders With CLASSIFIED Banners” From Mar-a-Lago Inventory List

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This was done rather quietly. It’s almost like the raid was weaponized in order to have an impact on the Midterm Elections. Is that possible? The Biden administration would never do that, and the DOJ wouldn’t go along with that, would they?

I’m in the market for a bridge if anyone has a bridge for sale…

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  1. Merrick Garland is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being to ever hold the office of Attorney General of the United States of America. He kind of reminds me of Robespierre Muller, but without the compassion and dementia.

  2. All these attacks on Trump are designed to prey on the weak minded that supported (past tense) Trump and now think DeSantis is the answer. What makes you think the bogus, bullshit attacks aren’t going to happen to DeSantis?
    If you stick with Trump – the more they attack with bullshit, the average American will finally figure out it’s all just political bullshit. The playbook does not work anymore on Trump. Trump becomes teflon Don.
    But if you shift to a new guy, the playbook still works.
    The Trump “fatigue” is their plan. Do not fall for it.

  3. Seal & Motto — FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
    The motto, ” Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity,” succinctly describes the motivating force behind the men and women of the FBI.

    The FBI motto may be written in a succinct manner, However, the use of Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity are blatantly false.
    Fidelity: Are they Faithful to their Oath, the Citizens and the Nation?
    Integrity: Has the FBI been Steadfast in adherence to a strict moral or ethical code?
    Is it bravery when the Agency has become the political enforcement arm of the democrat party?

    The evidence of lies, coercion, manufacturing false evidence and entrapment over the past 6 years (and before) proves their Motto is as false as their testimony before Congress.

  4. Exactly, Mr_Pinko. And De Santis is not self-funding, like Trump. De Santis will be dependent on the on the back-stabbing GOP grifter consultant machine in a Presidential campaign, and thus be be bent to the will of the establishment. He’d try to resist, unlike Romney or McCain, but the end result would be the same. I’d hate to see a good man get destroyed by ambition in a rigged game. Let’s back our magnificent bastard, who might win again, and will at least go down swinging hard if he loses.

  5. Mr. Pinko, it’s called bait and switch. The communists have been getting away with this as long as I can remember. They build up whomever they know they can take down. Then when their favorite candidate is nominated they declare war on him.

  6. I thought we had laws about tampering with evidence??? Or doesn’t that apply to the FBI and the DOJ???

  7. ^^^^What? Your looking in the wrong direction. Who had them?
    Who in the right mind would pack up empty Classified folders when leaving the White House? Because they were not empty. Reports are the he or an agent of his moved Classified documents to another location.

  8. … and who wasn’t aware by now that Sean Hannity is full of shit. The FBI is corrupt from top to bottom and the only ones that aren’t are the ones that have come forward.


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