FCC Approves National Suicide Prevention Hotline

988 is the number for the newly created suicide prevention number approved yesterday by the Federal Communication Commission.

“The need for suicide prevention services has never been greater in modern times,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said at the FCC’s open meeting on Thursday.   More

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  1. @Diogenes December 13, 2019 at 5:50 pm

    > Better bulk up the staff before next November…..

    Have you seen “government” “workers”!? No. Just. No.

  2. I told them my story, heard a gunshpt and then the line went dead. I feel better. I’ll call again tomorrow.

  3. “Hi, diss be yo fera gubmints soosilide con, countslish, countessaluh, tells me yo name sos we can talke about da prablums you habbin an sheeit.”

  4. Well, the shrinks can diagnose Trump’s insanity from afar, so they should do as well talking people off the ledge. Right? What a psychic hotline boondoggle.

  5. … from an idea by BrassG

    “Suicide Hotline, how can I help you? You say your name is Mr. ‘Kapernick’? … yeah … ‘Just Do It'”.
    “Suicide Hotline, how can I help you? … um hum … well, Ms. Pelosi I’d advise you to get over your ‘feelings’ of ‘animal humping’ towards ‘Mr. Trump’, step away from the Botox (& any open flames near your face, by the way) & acknowledge your smart enough, good enough &, doggone it, people really like you.”

  6. What a cracked up , goofy world. Some states prohibit pro-lifers from trying to convince young women not to kill their unborn child, but now the federal government is going to promote people who will try to convince someone from killing themselves. Some states will pin a double murder on someone if they kill a pregnant woman, but will allow that same woman or a medical professional to kill her unborn child.
    All life is sacred or no life is sacred.
    I’m on the all life is sacred side.


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