FDA ‘will likely support’ ending ban on blood donation from sexually active homosexuals despite blood banks’ difficulty testing for HIV – IOTW Report

FDA ‘will likely support’ ending ban on blood donation from sexually active homosexuals despite blood banks’ difficulty testing for HIV

Blaze: In 1983, at the height of the AIDS epidemic, the Food and Drug Administration instituted a lifetime ban on homosexuals who had engaged in gay sex since 1977. According to a new report in the Wall Street Journal, the FDA may soon allow certain homosexuals to share their vital fluids.

People said to be familiar with the FDA’s plans told the Wall Street Journal that homosexuals in monogamous relationships will soon be allowed to donate blood without having to abstain from sex. The new rules and guidance, which have yet to be finalized, will reportedly be issued sometime in the coming months.

The FDA’s forthcoming decision to turn the spigot on a new source of blood reportedly comes after an agency-funded study of approximately 1,600 sexually active homosexuals was launched to “determine if a blood donor history questionnaire based on individual risk would be an acceptable alternative to a time-based deferral in reducing the risk of HIV among gay and bisexual men who present to donate blood.”

Although the study conducted by the FDA and three of the largest nonprofit blood centers in the U.S. has not been resolved, it has, according to Brian Custer, director of the Vitalant Research Institute, generated “highly relevant information to envision what an individual risk-based approach would look like.” MORE

18 Comments on FDA ‘will likely support’ ending ban on blood donation from sexually active homosexuals despite blood banks’ difficulty testing for HIV

  1. Any official in a position to approve gays donating blood should have their blood swapped out with blood donated by gays. THE FDA is just about worthless. This would take care of that problem.

  2. If you have blood during surgery and you come out of it with a gay lisp and a desire for a fabulous wardrobe, you’ll know why.

  3. If all the CoVid variants, jabs, and boosters don’t get you, the AIDS will.

    Their purpose is to protect the public, not to assuage the feigned offense of fags who feign offense at not being able to donate or sell blood.
    If we’re going to pollute the blood supply, let’s go whole hog! Fags, syphilitics, STDs, clap-traps, that brain-meltdown disease, leprosy, … whatever … don’t even test – just take the blood and mix it with all the other blood – fuck the Rh factor, too.

    When is Enough, Enough?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I wonder what it would look like if we could see the blood of the people making these decisions?

    …perhaps we should make that happen…

  5. Why don’t they just say they want to kill us with diseases, but faster?

    Since AIDS takes years to develop, monogamous relationship is no insurrance, especially with all the TV ads telling us “if you take X, your HIV will be undetectable.” Great, then you’ll never know what bus you stepped in front of.

    Bunch of bureaucrats pushing the gay mafia agenda.

  6. The left is nothing if not scripted. This is just another variation on this theme:

    “The reason why so many DeathJabbed people are pushy and adamant about you getting the DeathJab too, is because deep-down they fear that they made a stupid mistake and don’t want to be alone with their freely-chosen error. If they go down, you have to go down with them. It’s inconceivable and enraging to them that you made the right choice and they did not. They followed “the scientism”. You HAVE to be wrong. Even if you are right, you MUST be DeathJabbed too so that everyone suffers equally.” – Ann Barnhardt

  7. Once again: Never concede good intentions to followers of the progressive movement. It is never warranted, they are demonstrably incapable of good intentions, and always a trap when they demand others buy into their insincere rhetoric. Just as they have absolutely no capacity for sincerity, they are hard wired such that good intentions is just another arrow in their quiver of tools they use to miniplate others.

  8. I heard a sermon on homos. Only 2% of those who reported being in a monogamous relationship reported it as an exclusive monogamous relationship. 98% of those who are “in a monogamous relationship” aren’t exclusive. (yes, that means they aren’t monogamous). And this is from the small percentage that reported monogamy. The numbers were staggering how bad it was, all lifted from a gov’t agency and not some made-up sermon fodder. I think the average number of lifetime partners was around 500. These are sick individuals.


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