De-transitioning Ore. woman sues doctors for $850K for removing her breasts – IOTW Report

De-transitioning Ore. woman sues doctors for $850K for removing her breasts

BPR: After falling victim to woke ideologues in academia and the medical industry, one detransitioner is taking legal action against those that abused “their positions of trust and authority” and facilitated her now regretted “unnecessary, irreversible treatment.”

Camille Kiefel is a 32-year-old woman who struggled with her “individual identity” throughout her life, but it wasn’t until college that she was introduced to the idea of gender identity. After minoring in gender studies at Portland State University she began identifying as non-binary following consultation with a “gender-affirming” therapist in 2016, and by 2020 she underwent a double mastectomy recommended, according to a 13 page complaint, after nothing more than two separate video calls.

Kiefel’s complaint, filed in November with Oregon State Courts, is seeking $850,000 in damages from social worker Amy Ruff, of Brave Space Oregon, and mental health therapist Mara Burmesiter, of Quest Center for Integrative Health, alleging they “abused their positions of professional trust and authority with intent to cause, or with reckless disregard,” caused her to “suffer extreme, excruciating, severe emotional distress.” more

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  1. I’m all for tort reform, but in this case, I’d love to see a ton of frivolous law suits that bankrupt doctors and hospitals who perform sex changes. Anything to get them to stop.

  2. She wanted to be something she wasn’t.
    Found people whom were sympathetic in helping her become something she wasn’t.
    Now suing because she realized she isn’t.

  3. No. You don’t get to sue over a decision YOU made. Actions have consequences, and you just learned that rule. Now suck it up and deal with your shitty decisions.

  4. I hope she wins. Accepting a decision from a delusional person should not be a defense. Doctors who perform transition surgury should lose their license to practice. Suicide rates go up after “sex change” operations. Physician do no harm!

  5. “Health Care”… Mutilating the mentally ill at their so-called “request”. Euthanizing the mentally ill at their so-called “request”. Mandating fake “vaccines”… Mandating masks that are literally known to have no prophylactic value.

    Think I’ll drift into old age with as few doctors visits as humanly possible since it’s highly likely I’ll run into someone who is more interested in killing me than healing me.

  6. No woman this bat shit crazy should ever conceive a child. Leave her boobs alone, go for her Fallopian tubes.

  7. This really says more about the “Professionals?” who handled the psychiatric aspects of determining the procedure be approved.

  8. I think some of you are missing the coercion that goes into many of these decisions, both by supposed friends who love pushing the agenda, and by doctors who see dollar signs.
    This is also occurring with abortions – while many of the women who get them do so because they want to, others are coerced by family, the father, and by dollar-seeking doctors/medical practices/Planned Parenthood who are motivated to act regardless of the mother’s interest.

  9. From Amy Ruff’s website: “I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has practiced in community-based settings for the last 10 years. My primary areas of focus are queer and trans care, crisis intervention, and serious and persistent mental illness.” Yeah, well it seems to me that “serious and persistent mental illness” pretty much sums up the trans movement.

  10. And this: “Brave Space is currently closed to new counseling clients. We are not scheduling letter-writing appointments at this time. Check our Resource List for other gender-affirming referrals.”

    One guess as to why they’re not seeing new clients.

  11. LCD, Yes, and that leaves me wondering if her suit is targeting the right people.
    I wonder if the LACK of testosterone in today’s young males has something to do with all these confused girls?

  12. I’m sure she signed consent forms at some point but the point is can a crazy person consent? Can a crazy minor consent? If we are still a nation 10 years from now I would expect to see a tidal wave of sexually mutilated minors who are now adults seeking retribution in the courts.

  13. I’m so confused do I keep my double-D man boobs or not. If I take testosterone will they shrink? Honey you were in college your poor choice, was all yours.
    Thing should never ever have children.

  14. Here’s a downstream consequence of de-transitioners successful lawsuits: There will be repercussions all along the supply chain, starting with preschool and kindergarten teachers, school administrators, teachers’ unions, et al, who are currently readying their young charges for the “transition” enterprise pipeline. These court decisions will also impact social media influencers, advertisers, and so-called “gender affirmation”, opportunistic parasites (whether they call themselves psychologists or they’re just garden-variety pedos) of all stripes. So, I pray her suit is successful and that hers is a beacon to others.

    And it sounds as though she, herself, was prey to these brainwashing schemes. I wouldn’t hold a teenager to account these days for having been psychologically pressured. Teens are naturally vulnerable to all sorts of junk-advice; even the ones who are more even-keeled.

  15. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Just wait until all the children who were mutilated realize what has happened to them. Fertile ground for class action attorneys. As soon as the dems figure out what is going to happen, they will propose legislation to protect from liability the monsters responsible.


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