Fecal Pebble in a Suit, Head of White House Correspondence Corps Lies So Effortlessly

Tucker Carlson hit this worm with the cold fact that there is not one registered republican in the entire white house press corps.

The animated turd seemed unmoved by this revelation.

Tucker said if the entire corps were middle-aged white guys there would be a cry for the type of diversity that looks like America.  With half the country registered right-wing, no such cry for political diversity is coming from his office. He asked if this was a problem.

The fecal pebble began talking in circles.


18 Comments on Fecal Pebble in a Suit, Head of White House Correspondence Corps Lies So Effortlessly

  1. Dipshit speaks like Barky, to a TEE.

    That is a lame piece of shit tool. The exact reason why I don’t
    watch news anymore.

  2. I like the idea of holding press conferences on the front steps of the WH and have them out on the lawn. Trump could stand on the porch out of the weather. You could have 500 press people and not have a sanctimonious “head”.

  3. That idiot sounded like a wind up doll, repeating the same bumper sticker talking point over and over again.

  4. So, after Lord of the Rings, Grima Wormtongue shaved his head and became a White House Correspondent.

  5. RightWinger – My thoughts precisely. This retard had three talking points that he parroted over and over. Wish TuCa had asked him, “Polly want a cracker?”

  6. Truth and facts are a fleeting combination with the Progressive White House Press Corps.
    When facts or truth are reported it’s with a scoffing, negative inflection of the voice and a combative opinionated narrative.

  7. I may be wrong but where in the Constitution does it say that the Press must have access to anything or anyone they want access too? What determines who is the press and who is not the press? Work for a profit making self-proclaimed news organization? Have a journalism degree (the universities hand them out to the dumbest students they can enroll in order to get their money)? Blog on the internet? Do a neighborhood newsletter? Declare that you are a reporter just like Bruce declares he is a lady?

  8. What a piece of work. Weak, thin voice. Stupid shaved balding head which accentuates his weak eyes and flabby effeminate mouth.

    Repeats his talking points like a broken robot.

    The WH Press Assoc has no official standing. Strictly a courtesy “relationship ” from which all courtesy is gone. Bad move. Their loss.
    Trump can and should just ignore the WHCA completely . Stop taking their calls. Revoke their traditional privileges which have no legal protection or basis.
    Stop carrying them around on AFOne free. Stop furnishing them free office space in the WH. Tit for tat.

  9. Unbeknownst to this fool he is advancing evolution. First deception appears in many new forms and most people are deceived until they wise up. It’s taken many years but people are finally wising up. The deceivers are frantically coming up with new deceptions but they are all failing almost as soon as they concoct them.

  10. That lisping weenie has probably had more balls bounce off his face than a soccor goalie. Typlical leftist.

  11. @ Tired Mom: FWIW, I’ve been thinking that I should carry a small package of crackers with me when I’m out and about here in East San Francisco East, MT, for just that purpose. Plenty of residents here who qualify…


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