Fed Court Rules Christian Video Makers Can Refuse To Document Same-Sex Marriages

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The United States Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit on Friday ruled that Minnesota may not compel videographers to produce wedding videos for same-sex weddings, as it would infringe on their First Amendment rights to free speech.

In a 2-1 decision penned by Circuit Court Judge David Ryan Stras, the court wrote that wedding videos “are a form of speech that is entitled to First Amendment protection. The Supreme Court long ago recognized that ‘expression by means of motion pictures is included within the free speech and free press guaranty of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.’” More

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12 Comments on Fed Court Rules Christian Video Makers Can Refuse To Document Same-Sex Marriages

  1. I wish the ruling had been base on the right to practice the Christian religion without government interference and intervention instead of on free speech.

    The free exercise of religion is every bit as much a part of the First Amendment as is freedom of the press (free speech).

    It’s growing increasingly important to the Left to force Christians to violate their religion, with legal excommunication from participating in American commerce, culture, and society resulting if they don;t.

    Something needs to be done about this or it will eventually succeed and America will be lost.

  2. You know, if EVERYONE becomes ‘special’, then nobody is special.
    If someone doesn’t do ____ for you, then go find someone who will.
    Why be an asshole about it?

  3. We have been fighting against this for a long time. I am thrilled that one of the appeals courts agrees with me.
    Anybody have odds that the ninth circuit, or some other judge will disagree?
    I completely agree with @Anonymous posted. In America, you are free to disagree with others, unless the others are on the left of the political spectrum

  4. It would appear that America is shifting back toward normality…and have had enough of this blatant faggotry!

  5. “But they did not have video when the Bill of Rights was written so video should not be protected by the First Amendment.”

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