Federal Judge Blocks California Board’s Attempt to Ban Gun Shows


A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction blocking a California board’s effort to ban gun shows from a San Diego County fairground.

Federal District Judge Cathy Bencivengo issued a verbal order from the bench preventing the Del Mar Fair Board from enforcing a moratorium they recently adopted on gun shows at their fairgrounds. The case was filed by a coalition of gun-rights groups after the board passed the ban in January.

The Second Amendment Foundation, the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, and California Rifle and Pistol Assocation joined a number of gun dealers and clubs as well as five private citizens to challenge the board in court. They said the ban on gun shows at the location is a violation of their Second Amendment rights. Judge Bencivengo agreed there was enough of a case to block the ban pending further litigation.

The gun-rights groups celebrated the judge’s order.

6 Comments on Federal Judge Blocks California Board’s Attempt to Ban Gun Shows

  1. Oh my, she’s an Obama pick! I wonder how a real judge made it through the Obama selection process.

  2. scr: everybody
    Makes mistakes. Either that or she can read the writing on the wall and maybe want further appointments.

  3. Want 50 rounds of .22 bullets? Gotta have a background check to see if you chewed a pop tart into the shape of a gun in kindergarten.


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