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Federal Judicial Panel Orders MI To Redraw Districts

Clinton appointed U.S. Circuit Judge Eric Clay has given Michigan state legislators until August 1st to redraw 34  legislative and congressional districts and submit the revision to democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer. If the federal judges are unhappy with the revisions the federal court will redraw the map itself, in time for the 2020 presidential election.

“The state’s current boundaries dilute the weight of Democratic voters by “packing or cracking” them into certain districts, the panel ruled.”

“Joining Clay in the decision was Detroit U.S. District Judge Denise Page Hood, who was also appointed by Clinton, and Grand Rapids U.S. District Judge Gordon Quist, an appointee of Republican former President George H.W. Bush.” More

6 Comments on Federal Judicial Panel Orders MI To Redraw Districts

  1. Just in time to gerrymander for the Dems, but not enough time for the republicans to mount a challenge. The 2020 cheating has begun!

  2. No need to abolish the Electoral College, or create an unconstitutional compact to override individual state votes for a general popular vote. All you need is the right judge to redraw voting districts. It is so simple I am surprised a Democrat thought of it.

  3. AOC won based on Gerrymeandering. Look at the district map.

    It CROSSES The East EFFING River.

    I used to live on the Bronx side, right near the now Trump Golf Course. In the PROJECTS.

  4. So Obama wins Michigan in 2012 and Trump wins in 2016. I don’t think the districts were redrawn and these corrupt Judges figure that all of a sudden Democrat voters are at a disadvantage? What BS. The Judges are just paying back their Masters.


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