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Feinstein Fini

Feinstein dead at 90.

Leaving the senate in a wooden box because of advanced years is a disgrace. That is not what representation is all about. Career politicians are not in the best interest of the people.


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  1. Was casting about on the websites this morning mining for content for my e-mail group.

    This creates a special/EXTRA edition. Where it will be the only link included.

    Thank You Mr. Big for reporting the feel good story for the weekend!

    So many others that I could think of that should join her.

  2. Dead at 90, what a shock! Inside trading , pistol permit holding anti-second amendment Socialist/Commie. Now if just a few more of the fossils living off of the tax payers would take the cue….

    But don’t worry, they’ll replace her with something worse. Can you say Gavin?

    Why do I keep hearing “Ding dong the…..” over and over in my head? Dorthy could not be reached for comment.

  3. If you look at the current conditions in San Francisco, and in California, it tells you all you need to know. People are leaving California because the feral troops of BLM, La Raza, and Antifa are making everyone miserable.

    Hey, **ckers, when you don’t have any grocery stores, and no gas stations, and nothing else, don’t come crying for conservatives to help you. You wanted this, and you will reap what you have sown.

  4. Just cause she’s dead doesn’t mean she won’t be voting for Brandon 2024!!!
    Can’t wait to see what decrepit loser Gov. Dippity-Do-Do will appoint to fill her probably grossly soiled seat in the Senate!

  5. …but Democrats being Democrats, I’m surprised they don’t just go ahead and count her vote anyway, just like they do in the general elections. It’s not like Democrats ever break the lockstep anyway so whoever they replace her with will be doing the same, so why the hell not.

    Besides, there’s a certain poetry to the physically corrupt voting with the politically and spiritually corrupt. This is actually accurate representation because they all serve the same devil, DiFi just serves him a little more directly now, but its not like its a dropnin form…

  6. @Peter – well, we are still waiting on that announcement.

    If Gavin is running in 2024 he won’t name himself as her replacement, but if he isn’t running until 2028 he will. That’s my call.

  7. Newsome will appoint Kamala. Clears the way for him to run for president and Kamala will avoid being sucked down in the Biden cesspool. They’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse.

  8. AJ FRIDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER 2023, 9:50 AT 9:50 AM

    “Will the hurst be stopping by the Chinese consulate to drop off the keys?”

    …the Chinese already HAVE our keys.

    ALL of them.

    Thanks, Democrats.

  9. Someone could make a fortune with a beer concession at her gravesite.
    (just be sure to wear high rubber boots)

  10. Let us mourn her passing in the manner she most richly deserves.


    …and may many more like her achieve this same signal offer very, very soon.

    …side note; my favorite line in TWOOZ is the coroner just before this;


    ….”She’s not only merely dead, she’s really most sincerely dead”.

    That’s a great line.

    …althogh despite his statement that “he thoroughly examined her”, considering she was covered by a house down to the shin from Dorothy’s arrival till she dematerialized after removing her shoes, I suspect he skimped on his due diligence a bit unless all that is required to “thoroughly examine” her is to tap her tibia a time or two; he couldn’t even have taken a posterior tibia pulse because there’s no way he could have removed her shoes, let alone her stocking, without discorporating her which clearly did not happen.

    But he probably knows more about witch anatomy than me, so whatever, bitch be daid, let’s partayyy…

  11. A truly horrible person has died. Feinstein was on my mental checklist of “Politicians Whose Passing I Look Forward to Hearing About.”

    We will now have to endure at least a week of commemorating by the media. As her life in politics is reviewed, we will be continually reminded that “Feinstein was a woman…A woman who…” She will be cast as “a champion” of something, or of many things, but don’t you dare forget that she was a woman.

    Discussion will soon turn to filling her seat. It will be talked about as a “legacy” position that should be secured and filled by someone similar in politic to Feinstein, like they suggested when Ginsburg passed.

    She’ll meet Jesus Christ face to face. We all will. We go into eternity either clothed in His Righteousness, which is imputed to us freely through faith in Him, or in our own righteousness under the Law, believing that we are good enough to merit God’s favor by our own works.

  12. This evil corrupt, traitorous communist death democrat bitch’s body should be fed to the hogs but I’ll bet even the hogs would refuse to eat her polluted body.

    It’s about fucking time this communist death democrat human garbage has finally been removed from this mortal coil and went to meet up with her Lord and Master, Satan, and has taken her well earned place in the lowest depths of hell for an eternity of torment.

    Diane, Please say Hi to Teddy and the rest of your fellow communist death democrats who have died before you. You will not lack company in Hell.

  13. Ted Nougat FRIDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER 2023, 11:23 AT 11:23 AM
    “Feinstein was a woman…A woman who…” She will be cast as “a champion” of something, or of many things, but don’t you dare forget that she was a woman.”

    Hey now, don’t you ne callin’ no one know WOMAN! You don’t know what a “woman” is, you ain’t no biologist and sheee…I mean, you ain’t no ways a biologist, so you have NO STANDING!

    Practicin’ that last bit for later, once we kick that White Boi out. You’ll be callin’ ME CHIEFS!

  14. A life in service to Satan, forever to be tormented as he laughs at her agony in hell…

    Next up for the hell’s highway, Pedo McShitstain, Nazi Piglousi, the Turtle, and Shitmer, hopefully with a side order of Fuckerman.

    The real Fuckerman is already dead, suddenly the new and improved Fuckerman can easily hear words and communicates normally. How very odd.

    Now Gaylord Loathsome is really in trouble. I am betting on the insipid, imbecilic, idiot Commieliar regressing to her previous spot.

  15. I’d say McConnell is next. He may have an R behind his name but he’s uniparty all the way. Bernie’s not long for this world either. Grassley is almost 90, I’d hate to see him go, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I found a list of the 10 oldest oldsters in the Senate (well, 9 now) pick your favorites. https://www.oldest.org/politics/members-of-us-senate/

    Maybe we could start a pool. Winner gets iOTW bucks matching the ages of the deceased.

  16. new-scum picks crime-ala to replace drying fartstain, then sniffer joe picks the negro trans-it to replace her. then sniffer joe craps out & new-scum & the negro trans-it take over.

  17. I’m late to the party. I, too, believe that Gruesome Gavin will appoint himself to the seat. But, it will not be for a full 6 year term. It will be a mere stepping stone to the office he truly seeks in 2028.


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