Fencer Takes A Knee At Pan Am Games

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A member of the U.S. men’s fencing team staged a national anthem protest at the Pan American Games, saying, “We must call for change.”

Race Imboden and two teammates were winners of gold in a team foil competition at the games in Lima, Peru, Friday and he took a knee on the podium at the medal ceremony.

He won the gold with teammates Gerek Meinhardt and Nick Itkin, both of whom stood for the anthem. More

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  1. Congress needs to pass a law that to be on a taxpayer funded team no anti American crap will be allowed. Wanna protest. Do it on your own time and dime.

  2. You can’t “defect” from the United States – but you can certainly leave.

    If these drama queens feel so strongly about something, why don’t they do something substantive? A kneeling pussy just doesn’t speak well – plus – all the pussies out there are kneeling! You’re just another kneeling pussy! Big fucking deal! ANY pussy can kneel!

    We KNOW you kneel. We got that. Now, shit or get off the pot.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Not that I’ll ever be in this situation, but if I were up there getting an award and a team-mate took gave the anthem a knee, I’d grab him by the arms and toss him off the platform. Then go back to standing at attention with my hand over my heart.

  4. The Team should be punished as a whole. Revoke their medals and send them back to the US in shame. Make sure the public can mock and scorn them. The kneeler should be banned from the sport for life.

  5. Make ALL athletes sign a statement going in that if they do anything to disrespect our country,flag, or national anthem when participating in a sporting event representing the UNITED STATES of AMERICA they will be banned from ever playing on another U.S. team as well as loose their medal…Maybe even a tattoo on the forehead that say ASSHOLE as well.

  6. Yes! I agree!
    Start by eliminating fencing as a sport that represents the USA.

    And follow up by cancelling this twatwaffle’s round trip ticket.
    Ingrateful mofo!
    When did ANYONE elect you to represent us?? Never, so stick that foil up your behonkus!

  7. Probably knows he’ll never make it to the Olympics, so ending his sports career at the Pan Am games must be the next best thing.

    I hope Nike doesn’t give him an endorsement deal.

  8. Here is what he can do and have my respect:
    1) pay for his own training, trip, uniform etc.
    2) give up his spot to someone he believes is marginalized
    3) use his “skills” and behead the beheaders on the innocent.

    When Pan Am came to Toronto, we lost a lot of money on them and we didn’t get to watch any of it at a reasonable price.

    Olympics every 4 years is already way too much but this one is unwatchable. Lets see who is best in the commonwealth without the rest of the world???

  9. Team USA should strip him of his medal and kick him off the team. I really like Uncle Al’s solution–I wish one of his teammates had thrown him off the podium. It’s sad when the second and third place athletes are showing our anthem more respect than our own athletes. If an athlete from another country knelt during our anthem, there would be a fight.

  10. If you disrespect your own country, they should reserve the right to kick you off the podium and team in public.

    Is there a big market for professional fencers besides those using wood slats, wrought iron or chain link?

  11. Shun him. Let it be a lesson for every attention-grabbing traitorous whore seeking nike’s money.

    (Has everyone here destroyed everything ‘nike’ in their possession, and shuned any tv broadcast featuring a team wearing the nike logo?)

  12. A fencer? Huh. Just for that, I won’t accept a bid from him to repair my chain link fence (a tree fell on it).

  13. I’m sure he made Errol Flynn and The Three Musketeers proud. Great sword fights of bye gone days. Phucken Fag! Maybe Nike will take him. No more Nike for me.

  14. The first change I’d give Racist Imboden is a change to the passenger list for the flight home. Leave him there.

  15. Just maybe it was a reflex, like he’s in that position quite often he does look like a limp wristed pole smoker!


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