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Fetterman Faces Grim Prognosis

UK Daily Mail

‘You have a more than a 60 percent chance of either not living five years, or having another stroke within those five years – greater than 60 percent chance,’ [Dr. Marc] Siegel said.

‘So I say to the voters of Pennsylvania tonight who are ready to check a box tomorrow, I think before you check a box you should consider a statistic like that.

‘Greater than 60 percent chance that someone like Fetterman, with a heart in his condition, having had a stroke [spelling corrected], could either have a recurrence or won’t survive the term.’ More

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  1. How about that doctor / donor that gave him a clean bill of health and said he was good to serve? Of course they tell you this after the election, just like the debate was after 650k of votes. And no one is even addressing the giant growth he has on his back / neck. Clearly his healthy lifestyle has done wonders.

  2. That gives him plenty of time to help Biden fuck everything up worse. When you get down to facts, even Joe may well be dead in five years but they both can totally fuck everything up before that.

  3. I predict Fetterman will serve for a little while and then step
    down due to health reasons. That way another Democrat can be

  4. They didn’t need him, they just put him in as a “Fuck You” to us. They are just demonstrating that they can do what they want, and that they know we won’t do anything about it.

    Seems like they’re right, too.

  5. I will not gloat nor take pleasure when he strokes out in public and falls over dead in front of God and everybody. NOT! How can the people of Pennsylvania have elected this jackass knowing that he is damaged goods? I just don’t get it. Any more than AOC and the squad winning reelection. I was totally wrong about Tiffany Smiley, now we’re stuck with Patty Murray for 6 more years in Wash. state, ugh. God is still in charge and my trust is in him and him alone and not politicians of either party.

  6. Elect Fetterman – he may be brain damaged but he’s not a Republican.
    Elect Biden – no more mean tweets.

    We know Biden wasn’t actually elected, if the commies cover their tracks better (and they’ve had a lot of time to work out the details) we’ll never know if Fetterman was actually elected or not.

    Wanna bet our tax dollars are going to be used to get him a prompter and a translator to conduct the people’s business?

    How many terms does a Senator have to serve to get on the perks gravy train in perpetuity?

  7. geoff- elected? You don’t have to be actually voted into office in the United State of America anymore, you just have to have the people on your team counting the votes.

  8. It doesn’t matter.

    Why don’t people get this. He’s a puppet place-holder who will do what he’s told. If he resigns or drops dead, the Dem governor of PA will just replace him.

  9. There is so much fraud built into our elections now that it was almost a no brainer (pun intended) that this vegetable would be placed in office. If there isn’t massive fraud then we are living among the stupidest people on earth. Either way we see screwed.

  10. “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.” — Mark Twain

  11. Guess it’s a good thing for Dems that they elected a Dem gov, so if Fetterman goes down, a Dem will be appointed.

  12. Obiden has promised over and over to kill the coal and energy industry that PA is known for and yet they vote and cheat so the the Dirty Dems and their handicapped candidate win.
    Sorry people, don’t feel bad for you.
    I do feel bad for the people who have been trying to fight the cheating powers that be in PA. It’s like pi***ng into the wind.


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