Fighting The Forever War Against Jihadism

The long-drawn out attempt to drag Afghanistan out of the middle-ages has gone on long enough. There are other fronts that need our attention in the never-ending war against the deprivation of the religion of peace. More

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  1. Bring home all of our troops. Deny entry to anyone who has been in a muslim majority country within the last five years.. then all we have to deal with is the fookers who are already here.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. We need to recognize that Islam is a religion of Satan. It should not be given the same status as a religion of God. It seeks to conquer and destroy. Muslims don’t assimilate. They play possum until they have enough numbers to start demanding. They will never be satisfied until they have full control and we are all suffering under sharia.

  3. It’s been going on for 1400 years and will continue for a nuther 1400 years unless it is wiped out. There ain’t a nickel’s worth of difference between the muslim brotherhood, ISIS, or whutever they’re calling themselves… this week… and the Nazi Party of old Germany. Their so-called brand of “religion” is simply Totalitarian Fascism hiding under the umbrella of a “religion” and Hell-bent on world domination by the Arab Supremacists as being the world’s master “religion”. This is a brutal, fascist, totalitarian political state without borders, antithetical to Western Civilization or any other civilization for that matter!

  4. Seems I’m in good company.
    We have been doing this long enough, we cannot win by attrition or by reprograming the fanatics.
    Only two choices, obliterate a coupla caliphates, or get the hell out.
    You cannot win a war where the highest honour is to be killed by your enemy, that’s pretty much anybody not muzzy.
    You cannot win a war where the leadership is perfectly willing to sacrifice any number to win.
    Our forefathers had the wisdom to deny entry to the heathens, Democrats screwed that up, see what being kind to heathens gets you.
    They laugh at our generosity and foolishness.
    It’s a poisonous snake, kill it.
    I’m not an Islamophobe, they have proven they cannot be trusted.
    We screwed up once with slavery, let’s not repeat the mistake again.


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