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Fighting The Left’s Propaganda

Anyone that pays attention to the media is inundated with it constantly. The never ending stream of leftist messaging on their favorite topics.


Why do they do it? Because it works and its the only way they ever make “progress” on their agenda.

We can’t afford to tolerate it. Fortunately, the tools we need are at hand in this 10 point primer on how to fight the left’s message machine.



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  1. I think Donald J. Trump is the media as he stands up to them! [ or sometimes he agrees with them, sort of.] Ted Cruz & Carla Fiorina are True an True… working within the Republican Party, but not brown nosing it! There are a few other candidates that definitely are not brown noshers of either party…. ☻

  2. The left has co-opted just about every label there is and name calling is there life blood. But we must recognize that taken separately, the left’s minority coalition identities are there own worst enemies. We must divide them and pit them against each other, they naturally despise each other.

    Hillary worships Sanger. We must pound her relentlessly and call her a black baby killer racist. We must accuse her of supporting the murder of black babies. Confront her and challenge her. Call her a racist.

    WE must demand that the racist KKK Robert Byrd be erased from history. We must make it an issue and blame the left. He hated and lynched blacks.

    We must pit the Homosexuals against the Muslims. I do this regularly. We must promote and defend the killings and torture treatment of homosexuals by Islam. We must say we need tolerance and that we agree with at least that part of Islam. Homosexuals are virulent in their defense of their present day allies that just happen to be slaughtering them. Infuriate the homosexuals and make them turn on the islimes since we no longer we defend them.

    Pit blacks against Mexican and Asians. Gin up resentment by illustrating how blacks have been left behind as they have taken jobs, muscled in on the welfare pie, and are smarter. Convince the blacks they would have more welfare and money if it wasn’t being divided among the illegals. Blacks already despise them and like looking down on them. It makes them.feel superior to someone. Pull that rug out.

    I could go on but that’s the tactic. The left has the demoncrat party and their politicians doing it for them. They reach the masses. We have nobody that specifically does pure propaganda. Anne Coulter understands the left better than anybody and she punches back but just her.

    Trump right now is for numerous reasons a real threat to them. But most importantly and the most damage he is doing to them is standing up to the PC Nazis. He is showing those that have been silenced how EASY it is to stand them and dismiss them. Our parents and grandparents fought the Nazis and fascists in wars. It is sad that we are petrified by being called names. Fight back.

  3. I wish the Koch brothers would stop funding candidates and start creating propaganda groups and 501c3s like Soros and Ford and Rockefeller Foundations.

    They create the narratives, not the politicians. The politicians respond to THEM because they are creating public opinion and beliefs. That’s how it’s done. If not for the internet it would be over by now. Doomed.

  4. “They” can and will be trumped ( no relation to Donald Trump) by the Word of God. That’s the ONLY Higher Power. While “they” try to obfuscate and delete Him from the minds of people in 2015, “they” will not succeed.
    And, if it was brought into the public conscious, these elections would look a whole lot different.
    In a truely healthy society, there’d be so much self- governance that by the time it’s reached the federal level, they’d have nothing to do but provide defense, keep the roads good, and high-five a good and decent people.

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