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File Under “Japan”

I have no idea how this race turns out, but I like the look of that plate of Ika (squid) as it comes around the corner of the restaurant conveyor belt. Place your bets and let’s see who is the best judge of the Formula One Sushi Race. Watch

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  1. That’s the reason I watch classic television programs. I’ve probably seen every episode of Andy Griffith, Beverly Hillbillys and Green Acres, Gunsmoke, Rawhide, etc …etc…hundreds of times but at least it’s entertaining.

    That’s just….. can’t find the words I’m looking for.

  2. This is probably related to the Japanese Grand Prix that was run a week or two back. There is a Japanese drive in the mix name Yuki Tsunuda who is a big star in Japan now. The best driver by far though is Max Verstappen from the Netherlands.

    No accidents. Just imagine if the salomon crashed with the squid and the yellow tail.
    My God we would have had a new type of seafood salad.
    such sad thing to have watched and no tasty outcome.
    No pit stops for wasabi or soy sauce.
    Fake I tell you. Fake. Fake as Big Mike’s breasts


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