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Tesla Recalls All Cybertrucks


Tesla has issued a voluntary recall of 3,878 Cybertrucks to fix a “stuck pedal” issue that had been depicted in a viral TikTok video posted last week by owner Jose Martinez.

A pad on top of the Cybertruck’s accelerator pedal could come loose and get trapped in the interior trim causing unintended acceleration, a Tesla filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration acknowledged. More

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  1. Tim -I’m going to have trouble identifying the 3,878 stupid people on the road

    Why would that be? Driving something that’s uglier than a can of smashed assholes is pretty easy to spot!

    Elon is a pretty smart dude, but he sure as hell failed in art!!

  2. That’s turning into quite a debacle fir Tesla. looks like they are going to use the old tried and true Toyota excuse of “floor mats” causing the runaway vehicle issue? lol
    True story, it has special meaning for me because about the time that was happening, which not coincidentally was around the time when drive by wire was also coming out and about, I actually worked on some Toyota control code. We were contracted to help the poor old management try to figure out what their own stuff was doing. Not a small task, even by then.

  3. I have never seen the truck in person. But I do get a chuckle when I see lots of Teslas hooked up to their umbilical cords at the local Sheetz. I guess those suckers have plenty of time on their hands.

  4. When Chevy came out with their POS Vega in the early 70’s owners soon found out that they could not go thru a car wash because they were built so low to the ground that they would get stuck inside the rails guiding the car thru the car wash. GM took what could’ve a been a perfectly good small car in the Corvair with some modifications and replaced it with the crappy Chevy Vega. The only thing worse than Vegas were Chevettes which we called Shove its because they were always breaking down and had to be pushed everywhere. Why would anyone buy a Tesla cyber truck that looks like a triangle shaped abortion made out of shiny stainless-steel panels. Hell, my dad’s 53 maroon Packard Clipper which was a lead sled and built as solid as possible didn’t weigh 6600 pounds, maybe 5 – 6000 pounds. My dad hit a cow down around Baker, Oregon in an open range area with it once and the cow just bounced off the front end.

  5. Most surprising detail of this story: Almost 4000 electric trucks sold. Who knew there were that many soy boys with that much money who actually have something to haul?

  6. Styling inspired by the F-117, probably the least aerodynamic aircraft since the First World War. If Tesla actually used a wind tunnel to improve aero, they could double the range of those things.

  7. Living in the Austin area, only like 15 miles from the gigafactory (huge facility) (and about 8 miles from COTA), I see a few of them regularly. driving by the gigafactory forever at 80 mph it reminds me of the Flintstones when Uncle Tex would come visit, his limo would go by the window forever and then finally stop and little Uncle text would jump out LOL


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