Firefighter Killed on 9/11 Identified 18 Years Later–Loved Ones Gather for Funeral

Epoch Times:

A firefighter who was only recently identified, 18 years after dying on Sept. 11, 2001, was finally laid to rest on Sept. 10.

The firefighter was identified as Michael Haub, a 13-year veteran of Ladder Company 4, the Uniformed Firefighters Association said.

The association said firefighters, colleagues, and loved ones attended a funeral that provided closure and peace of mind to those who knew him.

“We remember him and the 342 other firefighters who perished that fateful day, and will be forever grateful for the courage they show,” the association said in a statement.

The original service for Haub was held in March 2002. Attendees included New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Nicholas Scoppetta, commissioner of the Fire Department of New York. read more

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  1. wow! … didn’t realize there are 1,100 people they’re still trying to identify

    prayers & closure to Haub’s family

  2. Last Alarm for Firefighter Michael Haub…

    …you served well and honorably, brother. Your watch is over, rest in peace, and may your family finally have blessed assurance that you have truly returned to quarters.

    God bless,

  3. September 15, 2001. Having flown from Richmond to Boston Logan on 9/8 to enjoy a relaxing week on Cape Cod, we ended up driving home on 9/15. Initially the plan was to completely bypass NYC area, but i had to see it for myself. The smoking city.

    Accidentally we ended up in a firefighter funeral procession.

    The memory still wells up my eyes.

  4. For ALL that lost a loved one, it will never end.

    For others? The memory should NEVER end.

    Glover and crew live 20 miles just north north east…

    I was down there on that Saturday just to see…like most.

  5. Meant also to say, very tough day, and we did not even ‘lose’ anyone.

    But we were also locally impacted. Ten people DIED that day from my own town. Two of them were brothers and one was a Lou in the FDNY down the block from me.

    Went to our memorial this morning in town and they rang 3-5-3 on the bell with OUR Flag flying over, very goose bumpy.

    Ghost will #NeverFORGET9-11.

  6. How pathetic of a life anon must lead to troll this site and utter such ignorance. It must really suck to be you.
    You have no friends. No lovers. No life.

    Open a vein.

  7. @ALL ANONS and NPC’s (on THIS post)- roll over in your comfy bed and go to hell.

    @PattyH – want to give you a HUG.

    You just posted one of the most IGNORANT comments of all time.

    Go ahead, change my mind.

  8. I knew that @ghost.

    That shitstain really pissed me off. I don’t ordinarily urge suicide either. But I made an exception in this case.

    That asshole really pissed me off.

    I know. I should have ignored him. But I lost it.

  9. A perfect example of why anonymouses should not be allowed to post. Just think of all the other anonymouses that now are connected to this anonymous. They are all worms.

  10. Like I said this morning I hate when August ticks into September. It’s like tick-tock to me towards 9/11. I just need to get to 9/12. I try to ignore the news regarding 9/11 but I come to it like a bear on honey. Friends gone on that day. I pray for their families, all had young children as I did at the time. I have been in contact with two of the families over the years and they have been doing well after the initial years. Both families are Trump supporters. And I hope that you will pray for them. Because, losing a spouse or father is horrible.

  11. PHenry
    SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 AT 9:03 PM

    “Accidentally we ended up in a firefighter funeral procession.

    The memory still wells up my eyes.”

    …that was legit and you had good reason on THAT day, @PHenry, but I gotta be honest…firefighters put on AMAZING funerals and WILL make you cry at ANY of them…

    …shortly after I started training, when I was a Green Stripe proby without a badge, a charter member of my Department died. Not in the line of duty or anything, he’d retired long before, but just peacefully in bed or something usual like that. Thing is, as a longtime firefighter he was enitled to a full-dress funeral, the more so as a founder, so we got surrounding agencies to populate our Houses with their crews and went off to take him to his final resting place. We had a convoy of all out trucks and squads and officer and responder vehicles going down the highway with lights on with his hearse and a Police vehicle in the lead (the Chief had nixed a hose bed coffin carry as being too dangerous for the highway, as he didn’t want to post tail-riders to make sure the bix stayed put, so we needed the hearse), drove under an arch formed by two aerial ladders with a flag tied between them by two East side agencies who didn’t know him but honored him as a brother anyway at the entrance of the cemetary, to a surprisingly crowded graveside service where lowly SNS was a side boy in his new uniform as part of the honors for this man, and we did the whole plate from last alarm to service complete with flag to last siren, and even I, as a callow youth convinced he was immortal and tough started to well up during the Final Salute during the Last Siren, and I didn’t even know OF the guy before we buried him.

    They WILL make you cry. They’ve practiced it since Ben Franklin came up with the concept.

    Side note: the way we did the Last Siren was out lead pumper put out a blast on the MECHANICAL, or “Q-siren”. You can listen to one here. Bear in mind that it’s much, MUCH louder in person, probably the loudest thing ON the fire truck, and that’s saying something…

    …this thing makes a sound basically as long as it’s turning, and we had to hold a salute as long as it sounded. Well, it was well-maintaned and well-oiled and pressed with enthusiasm by the engineer, so it went on a LONG time, so long that arms were getting tired holding the salute, but the longer it went, the more people broke down, until it finally tapered off mounnfully in the otherwise silent cemetary, leaving EVERYONE weeping.

    And that was just a NATURAL death.

    Line-Of-Duty death? A THOUSAND times that.

    Can’t blame you for misting up there, @PHenry. I’d be worried if you HADN’T.

    God Bless,


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