Firestorm erupts over requiring women to sign up for military draft – IOTW Report

Firestorm erupts over requiring women to sign up for military draft

The Hill

Senate Democrats have added language to the annual defense authorization bill to require women to register for the draft, prompting a backlash from Republicans and social conservatives and complicating the chances of moving the bill on the Senate floor before Election Day.

Conservatives led by Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) are certain to attempt to remove the provision requiring women to register for the draft, which could present a tough vote for Sens. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Jacky Rosen (D-Nev.) and other Democrats in tight reelection races.

Republican candidate Sam Brown, who is running against Rosen, is already making it an issue in the Nevada Senate race.

Brown, an Army veteran who was severely burned by an improvised explosive device explosion, slammed Rosen in a video for voting to require women to sign up for the draft. more

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  1. Either Admit that women and men are inherently different and that the history of the world demonstrates the NATURE of those differences or let things go back to Being the way things have been or STFU,sign up and go to War,like a man.
    The women’s lib movement was a psy-op from the beginning. It was an attack on the family AND it opened up the labor market.
    What was that loud mouthed woman’s name? Gloria something,, Alred? Whatever,, I was in about fifth grade and she had a microphone, running her mouth. I thought
    Give my mom that microphone,, she would have a lot to say and it wouldn’t be Stewpid. And when that started, one man could feed, clothe and house a family of four without a degree. THEY have been manipulating society, stealing our prosperity and making life miserable since before I was born. 1954 …The federal reserve was created in 1913. America was doing Fine without it.

  2. CT Ginger
    FRIDAY, 21 JUNE 2024, 14:53 AT 2:53 PM
    “If women are exempt, what’s to stop thousands of draft-age guys from suddenly discovering they’re really women?”



  3. I am adamantly opposed to the military draft. But if the U.S. is going to have a draft it ought to apply to every able-bodied person whether a citizen or legal immigrant.

    When the subject of drafting women arises, too many people conjure up an image of a woman in full combat gear, shooting and getting shot at. But only about 40% of the overall military force ever get reasonably close to combat. There’s a ton of jobs that can be done competently by women, whom I wholeheartedly agree aren’t as capable as men for true combat roles.

    So, yeah, if the govt is going to fsck up men’s lives with the draft, they ought to equitably fsck up women’s lives, too. Again, though, I want the govt to not fsck up ANYONE’S life.

  4. I have 4 granddaughters, there is no way in hell that I ever would want them to be drafted. The damned draft was bad enough for young men in my generation during the Vietnam War, so why should the democraps want it for women as well. It must be that women would become equal opportunity cannon fodder. If the evil bastards of the left can’t kill future generations thru abortion why not draft them and kill them off as well in another useless, senseless war.

  5. I want to see the feminut whose daughter gets yanked. That will be fun. Idiot and his crowd need to reduce unemployment and they’re going to do it the way Nitwit’s idol, Franklin Roosevelt did.

    We all know how that turned out.

    Wild Bill
    Let the ladies have a two year ‘National Service’ tour. Peace Corp, etc.

    They’re equal, remember? Let’s see them tossing around the shells on a battleship.

  6. No Problem…
    If [it] identifies as a [woman] there is no problem in the draft.
    If a [male] identifies as a woman, tough shit.
    If they have XY Chromosomes tough shit.
    If they have XX Chromosomes and you voted Demoncrat, tough shit.
    If you have XX Chromosomes and ask G-d to protect you, I will pray for your safety.

  7. Another deep step into destroying the American nuclear family and decrease the number of multi-generational native born Americans. Drafting American women is a sinister move as a result of feminist corrupt policies fostered since the Suffrage movement.

    Although, the draft shouldn’t be the first option to build an effective military force, if a draft is necessary, it shouldn’t include women. Yet, the draft for both sexes makes sense for countries like Israel. Israel has no choice. They are a small nation, but The United States has a very large population of young men who can be drafted without needing to draft young women. This doesn’t matter to the left – it all about their agenda.

    Somehow, female illegals who have run the border probably won’t be included in the draft. They’re a protected class group and leftist political tool. A group to replace multi generational Americans and guarantee the left continue to have government control on the federal level in particular.

    Since drafting American women has cropped up many times before, there is no reason it won’t continue to be proposed. If mandated it will throw the American economy and society into a tail spin.

  8. AJ, during the height of the Vietnam War there were a lot of unqualified draftees selectively inducted only to fulfill draft quotas (particularly late in the war after 1968/69) during that war. I know because I met a few of them who should’ve never been there in the first place.

  9. Wild Bill
    FRIDAY, 21 JUNE 2024, 15:05 AT 3:05 PM
    “Let the ladies have a two year ‘National Service’ tour. Peace Corp, etc.”

    …I had an ALICE training with a woman who was noticably getting more upset as the class went along. The cops running the class noticed and they had a conversation about it. Turns out that years previously she was studying to be a nurse and jumped at the opportunity to be part of some Doctors Without Borders type outfit in some God-forsaken African pest hole, which saw her and a group of similarly situated young women in a bus with a local translator and bus driver, and trundled happily through the darkening veldt on a great adventure.

    Which is when the adventure jumped on both sides of the bus with machetes, breaking windows, knifing the driver, and making a very earnest attempt to seize the bus and its contents.

    Happily the bus driver was able to remain concious long enough to smear a couple and shake the rest off, but blood loss is a bitch and some ways down the road one of the budding nurses had to sit in his bloody seat and drive to semi-civilization while the rest stayed below the windows and tried to save his life on the floor of the bus (they did).

    They made it to the city but at this point she was done with the trip, Africa, and nursing and insited they fly her home where she abandoned all three forever, which is how she was alive and available to (much later) be our final assembly logisitics coordinator.

    The point being that there is no “safe” place in the Communist and Muslim ruined world, and no matter how you dangle women in front of savages, no matter how selfless and altruistic your motives may be, savages will still savage and the only thing that will keep them at bay is men with guns and the will to use them.

    “It takes a lot of weapons to do good works (as Richard the Lionhearted could have told us). And this is not just a Somali problem. We have poverty and deprivation in our own country. Try standing unarmed on a street corner in Compton handing out twenty-dollar bills and see how long you last.”

    P. J. O’Rourke

  10. @Zonga:


    ◦ clearing mine fields
    ◦ cleanup team for captured bioweapon labs
    ◦ prisoner interrogators
    ◦ spies
    ◦ burn pit toxicity testing
    ◦ unisex latrine orderlies

  11. All the liberal women need to say is they identify as a tree and they won’t be drafted. It’s a beautiful system the left has created isn’t it. Time for talk is over.
    The real war on woman = democrats

  12. Israeli women have no problem being required to serve in the armed forces.

    REQUIRED TO SERVE JUST LIKE THE MEN. Not just draft eligible.

    They do it quite well and are proud to do it.

    Something is amiss here.

  13. What’s different, in my opinion, is our military is deadly to itself under Democrat control. I’m old enough to have seen how Dems disrespect the military and purposely put them in harm’s way.

    I talked my youngest son out of joining the Marines, like his brothers did, because Obammy was elected – and I wasn’t wrong.

  14. I despise the very idea of a draft, but if you’re gonna have one, then apply it equally. Women claim to want all of the rights and benefits that men get, then that means they get all of the responsibilities and obligations that men get, too.

  15. The big problem is the extraordinary waste of taxpayer time and money if we actually get into a situation in which we need draftees. Just the bureacracy of screening through the 80+ percent who will never pass a BMI test, or have children without a viable caregiver, or sue to not have to take a long-term contraceptive, or have mental issues.

    Then you have the problem one of my sons described when some actually fit volunteer women were included in one og his advanced infantry training field exercises: couldn’t carry the weight and men had to pick up the slack, couldn’t climb or rappel or ruck adequately to keep up with the men, got shin splints and cried, got UTIs and other maladies, had to have special accommodations for bathroom and hygiene (another burden on the boys)…

    Then there are the claims that women can just be assigned to non-combat roles. Aside from the pampering and high expense of yet more woman housing accommodations, this means that voluntary and drafted males don’t ever get a break, don’t get signal or supply or intelligence or mp… Fast-forward some years and you also then get even more nincompoop women who stay in in promoted DEI officer roles making military decisions and touting their “military service”… yet more preferences elsewhere in hiring, admissions, politics.

    As for those who think that “Israel” etc., be advised that the women do not do what the men do, and go home at night to sleep in their own beds. Stop glorifying. Anyone can gussy up in a uniform and learn to shoot a weapon to defend their border and home — they aren’t deployed around the world for forward aggression.

    This doesn’t even get into the issues of unit cohesion, sexual politics, or that virtually every study that’s been done shows that including women weakens unit abilities, that they hesitate and hang back if in any combat-related role, impair deployment readiness, burden the men who have to pick up the slack, and endanger the men.

    If you have any doubts, well then just take a look at how our best women athletes (and draftees are not) do against mediocre trannies.

  16. P.S. Heatsync et al.:

    The purpose of our military isn’t for social engineering, future employment opportunities (or “disability” benefits for “PTSD”, look at the numbers male/female), or to do a gotcha on feminists.

    My sons are military, and charged with doing some dangerous stuff. I don’t want their jobs made harder or their lives put any more at risk by either some woman who can’t cut it in the field, or sitting at a desk somewhere and doing her job with all the commitment and urgency of your typical postal worker behind the counter.


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