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O’Keefe Does Exposé on Disney

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The latest undercover video from James O’Keefe’s O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) allegedly reveals a senior vice president at the Walt Disney Company disclosing that the company discriminates against white men. 

The aforementioned senior VP [Michael Giordano], who serves as a team lead, shared that people in the human resources department informed him of this anti-white male bias

“I have friends in HR and other divisions who have told me privately that white males are not being considered for certain positions… As a white male, Disney is not looking to promote me at this time,” he confessed. More

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  1. But I am sure if you were a gay white male or a tranny pretending to be a male, or a female Disney would hire you in a heartbeat. Whitey need not apply unless you ‘re a politically correct DEI freak, then come on down. Disney sucks, Walt Disney wants to come back from the grave and kick their asses for destroying his magic kingdom.

  2. Then don’t complain when those same unemployed White Men form their own small companies (Hey! Kind of like how Walt got HIS start!), compete, and put Disney out of business.

  3. Disney is an evil organization promoting the trans-homo agenda.
    I am discusted thinking about relaxing in a hot tub spa back in the 90’s thinking about what kind of swill is in the pool. There is no longer fear of G-d in that organization.

  4. The pedophile posing as president explicitly hired his vice president and a Supreme Court justice for no other reason than they were allegedly Black Females, and had publicly excluded White Males from consideration long before he did, and recieved no pushback or censure of any kind.

    You cannot be surprised when his fellow travellers follow suit.

    Nothing came of that.

    Nothing will come of this.

  5. The words cue and queue are pronounced the same, but usually have different meanings. Cue (used as a noun) most often refers to a hint, or to a signal given to a performer (‘I forgot my line, and had to be given a cue from the stage manager’). Queue most often refers to a succession of things, such as people waiting in a line (‘the show was very popular, and there was a long queue outside the theater every night’). Both cue and queue can also be used as verbs.

  6. I had a buddy that used to work for the rat. He was the telephone switch technician and kept the internal phone system running for about 15 years. While he was there he used the Disney perk of assisted college to get an IT degree and later a Business MBA. He got passed over about 6 management jobs with the rat until he took a management job at AT&T.

  7. @Grammar Nazi — You left out queue as in the single long hair braid worn by caricature/stereotypical Chinese coolies.

    Side note: I used to do capacity planning using queueing models for large computer systems. “Queueing” is an English language rarity: a word with five consecutive vowels. Knowing that, plus $12.00, will buy you a plain black coffee at Starbucks.

  8. Disney is not the only company.
    About 3 or 4 yrs ago the bosses in the company Mr. Beachmom works for took all of the men to the conference room and told them they’d be hiring women and minorities. Not white men if they could help it.
    Anti whitism.
    It’s the popular thing with libs.


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