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First Republic Bank Expected to Fall Next

East Bay Times

First Republic Bank is in a fight for its survival.

The past few weeks have been brutal for the San Francisco-based lender. Now, some analysts say a collapse of the bank is imminent.

“It’s becoming clearer each day” that First Republic is “toast,” said Don Bilson at Gordon Haskett, in a note Wednesday. “The only question that really needs to be answered is whether the [Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation] moves in before the weekend or during the weekend, which is when it usually does its thing.” More

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  1. The senate is likely busy drafting some kind bullshit bailout bill. When it doesn’t pass the house they blame it loudly on the the Republicans, while to RINOs will rave over the great insight in crafting such a fine piece of legislation.

  2. This is all about control of the populace via the Central Bank Digital Currency.

    They are going to put us all in a corner and dictate what we will do or else.

    Next, gold and silver will be banned from ownership like FDR did back in the day.

    This is all One World Government type stuff. Resist at all costs.


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