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Five Years Ago Today

Cincinnati Enquirer

Five years, 1,825 days and (almost) 3 million minutes.

That’s how long Harambe the gorilla has been gone. He was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden by an emergency response team protecting a 3-year-old boy who fell into his exhibit. 

His death sparked controversy  and Harambe soon became a social media icon. And Twitter still hasn’t forgotten him. More

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  1. All because some stupid parent couldn’t muster the competence to keep their kid from falling into a gorilla exhibit, similar to that stupid bint who managed to have her kid fall into a wild dog exhibit, where the poor kid was instantly ripped limb from limb by the dogs, who then had to be killed as well.

  2. …I always thought the zoo missed a bet by not marketing high-dollar gorilla meat snacks made from his considerable muscle mass.

    I mean, HE wasn’t using it any more ANYWAY…

    …what, too soon?

    …also, I never knew that “Zoo Sniper” was an available job until then. I wish someone told me when I was young, I DEFINITELY would have changed my career path to match.

    …anyway, dicks out for Harambe forever!

  3. I obviously feel for the Gorilla, but there really was not much choice once the child had fallen.
    If they did not kill the animal, and the child was killed, then there would have been a different Hell to pay.
    Killing the animal was horrible.
    A tranquilizer dart would not have worked fast enough and may have caused the child harm.

    For what it is worth, Harambe would have been a better President than ChYnA Joe.

  4. …I actually DID get to see Harambe well before this happened, and he was a magnificent animal. He did that chest beating thing just like in the jungle movies, but the jungle movies couldn’t get across the low frequency vibrations that you could feel just walking UP to the enclosure that gave you a real feel for just how powerful this animal was. It wasn’t behind glass or anything, so if you disregarded the moat, it was like he was right there across from you.

    A friend of mine that I’ll call Mr. B told me about a different experience he had, tho. He said he went to the exhibit with his then-young girls, and Harambe seemed to take it personally. He loped to the closest point he could and huffed out his nose, locking eyes with Mr. B and clearly displeased with his presence. Mr. B wasn’t a little guy by ANY means, he was taller than my own 6’1, very muscular, and came up in the Projects, so he wasn’t easily intimidated…but Harambe intimidated him. Down a wall and across a moat, that beast STILL stared him on his hurried way, and did the chest-thumping thing as he went out of sight.

    He was probably the ONLY person in Cincinnati who was glad about Harambe’s demise, he always felt that ape had it out for him, but if he knew a reason for it, he never told ME…

  5. …did this get turned into a thing about race?

    …hell YES.

    BOTH ways…

    “Killing an endangered gorilla at a zoo for a white boy’s safety is white privilege,” a man with the handle Hood Intellect posted on Twitter. “If the boy was black they would’ve found a tranquilizer.” Another Twitter user, Isa Ibn, wrote, “That gorilla was taken from it’s [sic] homeland, put in captivity, and then killed to preserve White life. That sounds familiar.”

    …but when it came out that the child was POC, well…

    “Of course, the child and his parents are black, which leads us to the blatant racism at the root of the attacks against them. It also provides further evidence, as if any were needed, of the utter lack of concern for black lives, including the lives of our children.”

    …and as for Harambe himself…

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