Flashback: Ex-Clinton staffer once said he’d ‘go to Europe’ to confirm Trump oppo




Amid the uproar over President Trump’s controversial statement that he would be willing to receive “dirt” on political opponents from foreign sources, Republicans have fired back that Democrats slamming the president have openly considered doing the same thing.

In fact, Brian Fallon, the press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 campaign, once said he would have been willing to travel to Europe to confirm dirt about then-candidate Trump.

“Opposition research happens on every campaign, and here you had probably the most shadowy guy ever running for president, and the FBI certainly has seen fit to look into it,” Fallon told The Washington Post in October 2017.

“I probably would have volunteered to go to Europe myself to try and verify if it would have helped get more of this out there before the election.”

Fallon made the comments as part of the original bombshell Post report that revealed the Clinton campaign and DNC helped fund the research that contributed to the unverified anti-Trump dossier. The dossier itself was authored by a former British spy, Christopher Steele, and contained information from foreign sources — a point Trump defenders sometimes make in downplaying his associates’ willingness in 2016 to receive “dirt” from a foreign source.

Fallon said in that interview he was unaware of Steele or his dossier until after the 2016 election, but added: “if I had gotten handed it last fall, I would have had no problem passing it along and urging reporters to look into it.”

The interview could cause headaches for Democrats now slamming Trump for telling ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos he would be willing to listen to foreign governments if they approached him with information on a political rival.  more here

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