Flashback- Remember when Biden called Trump supporters the dregs of society? – IOTW Report

Flashback- Remember when Biden called Trump supporters the dregs of society?

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  1. When you are competing with more than 20 others for a single spot, the Dem nomination, you aren’t going to hold anything back in your efforts to take out the other candidates. Trump sure knows this, having gone through it 3 years ago. But in 2020 anything negative about Trump will already be public knowledge, whereas voters will have a new pile of steaming stuff for the Dem survivor to compare against Trump’s record as president.
    In other words, landslide.

  2. if the ‘eyes are the window to the soul,’ he has told me all I need to know. I see cold and lifeless when I look at his eyes. No wonder he has the sunglasses.
    It is almost as if he is blind. Maybe it is a result of botox or cosmetic surgery, but his cold, blank eyes creep me out.

    Put sunglasses on the rock and you got it.

  3. I’m thinking of having a “Deplorable/Dreg: Since 2016”
    hat made. Red with Gold lettering. To add to my collection. I got many compliments and inquires on my “Deplorables Club: EST 2016” hat, which I got thru Patriot Depot.
    Gropey Biden is a quare fella, an amadan. He’ll never last.

  4. I’m not insulted. Every thing hurled by Leftists is projection.

    Who has a rally and leaves the place looking like a dump…Democrats.

    Who reviles the United States, our anthem, our troops and expresses this disdain all the time…Democrats.

    Who wants to fundamentally change America and overwhelm it with illegal invaders…Democrats.

  5. He kicked off his campaign referencing Charlottsville and attacking Clarence Thomas again with a half-assed, unsolicited, non-apology to Anita Hill.

    It would be a race to the bottom if Biden didn’t permanently reside there.

    Naturally, the Meet The Press crew were giving all sorts of free advice on what he can do because they can smell Trump’s fear at facing such a formidable foe.

  6. Notice that Trump clowns the Dems in Congress or in the elite club of the DOJ and the other alphabets but not the voters out there. The Dems will insult us (including the Dem voters NOT in the special victims group) in every campaign and then won’t be able to figure out why they lost.

    There are a lot of Dem voters who speak more like conservatives yet vote down ticket because that’s just ‘what they’re supposed to do’.
    What is dangerous for the Dem candidates is the chance of some of those voters being sick of the targeting because they’re white, Christian, so on and so forth and are doing absolutely nothing else in Congress but harassing Trump.

    Trump is out there telling voters what he’s doing and what he’s accomplished WITHOUT calling the voters dregs.


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