flashback – Tlaib The Radical Heckler Tossed Out of Trump Rally

ht/ hot salsa

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  1. Sorry I clicked cause I thought it said RADICAL HOOKER which i’ve never seen before.

    But really, are politicians that different?

  2. As Tim might say…… izlamo delenda est
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. In the video someone tells her, “You’re an animal! Get a job!” (I would have said, “Get a bra!” For those bouncing chichi’s).
    Looks like she was auditioning for her current job as a professional Leftist. We are living in Pig Flying days.

  4. The great mistake: not tossing her out on her head, finishing her bigotted, Jew-hating, nazi ass for once and for all.

  5. This rinse & repeat crowd is just a bunch of low lifes. But let’s keep inviting them to live here so they will keep electing representatives.

  6. “”My child is just sitting there. ‘Mama, why would he call you that?'”

    sounds like another one is lost.
    Kids learn what they live.

  7. Her ‘colors’ are of the flag of the PLO.

    Green shirt, black pants, ‘white’ skin and she is A Red.

  8. Since you can’t kick her in the nutz.. may I suggest an “ovarian delight” with a steel-toed boot, size 12 and a cattle prod to the back of the head for shock therapy.

  9. Somebody PLEASE keep sending that video to Trump headquarters for use in the 2020 campaign.
    Play it on a loop…”This is who this person is. A wackjob who got elected. This is who those people want representing them.”


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