Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird,” Christie McVie, Joins Rock Pantheon – IOTW Report

Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird,” Christie McVie, Joins Rock Pantheon


Fleetwood Mac singer Christine McVie died on Wednesday at age 79 following a “short illness.” The British singer-songwriter died peacefully at a hospital surrounded by her family.

“On behalf of Christine McVie’s family, it is with a heavy heart we are informing you of Christine’s death. She passed away peacefully at hospital this morning, Wednesday, November 30th 2022, following a short illness,” read a statement posted to McVie’s Instagram account. More

I’ve been listening to their pre-Buckingham and Nick albums lately. I can recommend “Mystery to Me,” “Bare Trees” and “Heroes are Hard to Find.” – Dr. Tar

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  1. I broke the 100% no booze thing I’ve been on last night & watched The DVD Concert on the surround.

    The Last track is Christine Solo playing Songbird.

    Perfect Ending to a great Performance.

  2. “I’ve been listening to their pre-Buckingham and Nick albums lately. I can recommend “Mystery to Me,” “Bare Trees” and “Heroes are Hard to Find.””

    Very very good music from talented people. I have Bare Trees and Mystery To Me on vinyl. I wore the grooves off Bare Trees.

  3. I had a crush on her. She had a beautiful voice that melted me. I loved Bare Trees/Future Games Fleetwood Mac era. Hated Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks era.

    Totally fucked up that band.

    RIP Christine.

  4. Bare Trees was my introduction to Fleetwood Mac over half century ago!
    Still a great song, now a timeless classic!

  5. Hypnotized was one of my favorites.
    They lost my interest in later years with all the top 40 crap though I know that’s actually what put them on the ladder to popularity with the public.

  6. I know I have Mystery to Me on vinyl. I have to go look. I have hundreds of vinyl albums. I can’t seem to part with them.

  7. PHenry – records are an unbeatable medium. Yes, they have their faults, but there is just something kind of magical about playing them. I have a pretty good collection of vinyl as well as a number of turntables and changers that I have rebuilt – it is a lot of fun!

  8. I stood 20′ from her at Rockingham Motor Speedway
    at a mini Woodstock around 1973.Jethro Tull was there too. 2 days of whacked out crazyness…… Originally
    Mac had no women.Early stuff was rather bluzey.

  9. Never gave Christie so much of a passing thought until I saw a video of an adorable Fleet Mac song from 1982 called “Hold Me”

    Christie is the star of the video here and shows real passion here. And what eyes she has. I fell madly in love with her. So to Phenry if you crushed over her before, you’ll double crush on this

    Word of warning. She sings a duet with Buckingham, but it works!

  10. Hypnotized definitely a classic, could listen to it everyday and it never grows old.

    RIP Christine 🙏❤️🕊️

  11. That album, Bare Trees, came out the spring of my high school graduation.

    That’s something else. I might be getting old.

  12. This one broke my heart, loved her for almost 50 years. Through all of FM’s iterations, she was a rock. Such a beautiful voice. Been on a nostalgic binge the last 24 hours listening to her, so many great things & times in my life were linked up with her music.

    God speed Christine.


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