Florida Friday


Florida Man Friday VII: When Methagators Attack.

Florida Man Friday is a longtime tradition here at PJMedia, dating all the way back to early last month.

So without any further fuss, come with me now as we enjoy another week’s worth of thrills, spills, and non-judgmental thrills.

Most Florida Man Story Ever (This Week)

Naked Florida man wearing bra burglarizes several cars in New Port Richey parking lot…

To be clear, the sports bra was the only thing Florida Man was wearing. Is it wrong that my first concern was for the weird tan lines he’s giving himself? more here

SNIP: Put down your drinks and eats or you will ruin your keyboards.

6 Comments on Florida Friday

  1. Darn, I thought this was about Florida Man
    that cut off dude’s Wanger when he caught dude
    with his wife.Happened just the other day…

  2. I like to think of all this as democrat world. It’s not restricted to Florida but it’s a good showcase.
    Democrat world is all around us now days.


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