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Florida: Funds Are Being Raised For Terror- Linked Islamist Children’s School


Al-Qaeda’s Younger Brother Raising Funds to Expand Islamist Children’s School

Radical Muslims indoctrinating kids in South Florida.

There are two names prominently found on the Tamarac, Florida-based Alazhar School website. One is that of the school’s principal, Dina Ibrahim, and the other is that of the school’s administrator, imam and finance officer, Trinidad-born Nabil el-Shukri. Recently el-Shukri took to the fundraising site GoFundMe to ask for money for a school expansion project. Given the terror-related background of el-Shukri and the extremism coming from a number of Alazhar teachers, any expansion of the school presents an increased threat to the community.

Nabil el-Shukri first arrived in the United States in late 1995, when he, along with his mother and siblings (three sisters and a brother), was summoned to come to Brooklyn, New York by his father, Gulshair Muhammad el-Shukri-Jumah (Shukrijumah). Gulshair, then-missionary for the Saudi Arabian government, found himself in the middle of a federal terrorism trial dealing with the February 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Gulshair had been involved with the main mosque associated in the bombing, Masjid Al-Farooq, and had ties to the spiritual leader of the attack, ‘Blind Sheikh’ Omar Abdel-Rahman, and the explosives supplier for the attackers, Clement Rodney Hampton-El. Both Abdel-Rahman and Hampton-El received convictions for their roles in the bombing, and immediately following their January 1996 sentencing, Gulshair ushered his family out of New York and into South Florida.

In May 2001, el-Shukri’s brother, Adnan, left the United States for Trinidad. Following the September 11 attacks, a number of al-Qaeda terrorists in US custody, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, identified Adnan as a key al-Qaeda operative. Years later, Adnan would serve as a Senior Commander for al-Qaeda. As head of al-Qaeda’s external operations, Adnan was in charge of the September 2009 plot to conduct multiple suicide bombings in the New York City subway system. In December 2014, Adnan was killed during a pre-dawn raid conducted by the Pakistani military in South Waziristan.

While Nabil el-Shukri cannot be blamed for his family’s past, his own past – and present – is rife with Islamist extremism. This includes his MySpace page, myspace.com/onsitedesigns, named for el-Shukri’s former graphic design and printing company. Today, apart from a photo of el-Shukri, the page is restricted from public view. Previously, though, everyone was able to see its disturbing content.

There were the graphics containing black al-Qaeda flags. There was the poster of a Hamas militant with an upraised rifle on a horse watching Jerusalem burn in the distance, with the threatening slogan (in Arabic), “Oh Jerusalem, we are coming.” And there was the graphic containing images of dead and captured US troops. The graphic was taken from the Iraqi terrorist site albasrah.net. The site features a number of photos of masked jihadis brandishing rocket launchers. One photo on the site depicts an Iraqi boy in front of a burning car proudly holding up a leaflet, which states (in Arabic), “Fallujah, the cemetery of the Americans.”  more

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  1. To learn the teachings of the religion of peace ✌️. Wink wink nod nod.

  2. I wonder if there’s anything in GoFundMe terms of service that might make it possible to complain that the Alhazar indoctrination and radicalization center is in violation and their campaign canceled.

  3. Islam is incompatible with western freedoms and ideals, and as their religion precludes allegiance to anything other that islam, they should never be allowed citizenship or even long term stays of any sort. Look at the passport & stay rules for Saudi Arabia- they expect out of everyone else what we should expect from them.

  4. East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet

  5. It’s time to stop playing games and start shooting.
    The tip-toeing is pathetic and sickening.

  6. Yup, time for cowboys and muzzies inside our borders.

  7. No surprise they lay roots in the Florida counties controlled by liberals. The left’s treachery know’s no bounds.

  8. What effect will they have on the Cuban-“American” vote leverage, Little Marco?

    Well, I guess I’ll just sit this one out.

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