Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis finds possible solution to Biden’s COVID-19 therapy ‘takeover’

PM: After the Biden Administration took over distribution of COVID-19 therapy from states, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expressed his displeasure amid a surge in demand among southern states.

“Just last week on September 9th, President Joe Biden said that his administration would be increasing shipments of monoclonal antibodies in September by 50%, and yet on September 13th, HHS announced that it was seizing control of the monoclonal antibody supply and that it would control distribution. Then on September 14th, the announcement was more than 50% of the monoclonal antibodies that had been used in Florida were going to be reduced,” he said.

DeSantis said the “dramatic reduction” is “doubly problematic” because what Shane Strum and folks in Tampa General and these other hospital systems that have been doing this, they’re not getting it from the state.”

“What the HHS and the Biden administration is now doing is they’re saying that all of the reduced amount will go to the state, and we’re responsible not only for sourcing our sites, which we’re happy to do, but any infusion center.” read more

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  1. Prediction: GlaxoSmithKline is going to get leaned on hard and fold up like a cheap suitcase.

    Good effort, though, Governor. It’s hard to fight intense evil.

  2. Another load of ripe crap from Joey’s health nazis.

    I wish a reporter would ask the Psaki hack this: “You say the fed takeover of monoclonal antibody treatments is to make the distribution more ‘equitable’. That means there’s more demand than supply. ‘Equitable’ can also mean everybody getting all they need. What states or health care systems have not been able to get the dose quantities they’ve asked for? Who’s being shorted?”

  3. If there were only a few more governors like him, we might could win the country back, but it seems he is the ONLY one. Even the ones that bill themselves as “conservative” are total sellouts.

  4. @Thirdtwin — I fear you are correct. I expect the evil feds will demand an exclusive contract with GSM like the one they have with Regeneron, and that GSM will “fold like a cheap suitcase.”

  5. From another post. But I think it’s relevant, so… I’m just going to leave this here. 😬

    We must never forget what happened on 9/11. What happened 20 years ago was a semi isolated act of kinetic warfare. Today, right now, whether you understand it it or not we are under occupation. The republic has fallen. Laws are being passed by decree. If you have enough money to bring your grievances and challenge these unlawful acts in the courts, you first most prove were harmed, then the court will dismiss your case being told that you don’t have standing to challenge. With no other option available you try to protest in the streets. To which, you are told your constitutional right to assemble and petition the government for grievances is an “unlawful assembly.” Unlawful decrees are being enforced by police who have sworn an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

    So, what does any of this have to do with the vaccine? What happened on September 11, 2001 pales in comparison to the death count in the United States and the to entire world now living by decree under the lucrative merger of multinational corporations and centralized government. By definition this is nothing less than an authoritarian global fascistic dystopia.

    Jackboot meet face.

  6. I don’t know. GKS doesn’t have a China Vax and is already shut out of the financial boom provided by taxpayer money that the others are benefitting from. If other states want to make deals for monoclonal therapy with GKS to go around Obiden they may not fold. Although, they will probably get threatened with having licenses revoked and such. We’ll see.

    Obiden admin hates people like DeSantis and Trump and others who dare stand up to them.
    We love it though.

    Go Gov. DeSantis!!!

  7. Monoclonal antibodies are made from Humanized mice. “How do you humanize a mouse?” you ask. You use murdered baby’s “donated” organs, Livers to be exact.
    There is no Killer Super Vitus out there. Stop looking for a cure for something that does not exist.

  8. I am the evil white man,

    Yes, monoclonal antibodies are grown on aborted fetal parts and chimeric mouse humans. Pro-lifers need to know this.
    When I went to the rapid clinic for my Covid test, I already knew I had it, they offered me a one page explanation of how the monoclonal antibodies worked. The doctor said it was just like a vaccine.

    I went home and researched how the antibodies were grown and sure enough…. its on baby parts!

  9. There is a province in India that has no ChiFlu.They credit the drug Invermectin. might want to try that in Florida. Also had good success in southern Mexico and India.

  10. At what point does it become perfectly clear that the communist death democrats want to and eventually will, if left unchecked, kill all of us who oppose them.

    Red States need to declare a national convention and meet to provide a united front and plan of defeating the blue states and the communist federal government.

    They Want To Kill Us.

  11. Theres no virus right, just the cold or the flu. So whats the big stink.
    Just take your homeboy cure. Just gotta love stupid.

  12. Biden (his handlers actually) are trying to kill red-staters while making it appear that they are being fair to the rest of the country

  13. @Anonymous , there is no test for covid, there never has been a test cor covid or any of the mutations, there is no test for delta covid, there are no autopsies to confirm covid. THERE IS NO KILLER SUPER VIRUS. I had been saying this is a Communist takeover of America but I was wrong, what we are witnessing is a Satanic takeover of the World.


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