NY: Family denied food for not having vax card

BPR: Americans are openly fighting back against coronavirus vaccine mandates that are creating environments of open “segregation.”

A powerful video shared on social media this week appears to show the enforcement of the vaccine mandate in an eatery where the customer, who was being refused service because he was apparently unvaccinated, pushed back against the order, asking if the restaurant was going to “enforce segregation.”

The video, posted by a Twitter user with the handle @AnonCitizenUK, shows the incident that reportedly happened in New York where restaurants, museums, entertainment venues, and gyms have recently begun to enforce rules that require their employees and customers to be vaccinated in order to be allowed indoors.

“Family denied food for not having a V@x card,” read the caption on the tweet which included the compelling two-minute video in which the man stands his ground and challenges everyone else in the restaurant.

**WARNING: Language**

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  1. See all the cowardly sheep just sitting there like they’re ready to be sheered?
    That’s why these illegal dictates succeed. Because too many people have been trained to be cowards. Especially the men.

  2. Shadow of things to come.
    Cowards comfortable with their fear turn their eyes from the mistreatment and suffering of other human beings.

    Yes, history is filled with such sufferings. For myself, I cannot help but see the mark of the beast looming ever closer when America turns to the tide of the New World Order, as it is now being openly stated. It sickens me.

  3. Proof the race-baiting leftist narrative has never been about “racial” equality.
    It’s always been about socialist doctrine and communist controls/mandates replacing and destroying liberty and freedom.

    Anyone, yes anyone not in line with the leftist mandates is an enemy.
    This brave man is a dangerous threat to the left. He’s black, politically aware of the left’s hypocrisy. He exposed the dismissive, vicious true nature of the progressive elites and their lap dog plantation dwellers occupying that restaurant.

  4. @ beachmom SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 AT 9:49 AM

    “Because too many people have been trained to be cowards. Especially the men.”

    I’ve witnessed it all of my life… and it makes me sick.

    It’s how you were raised and the expectations you have of yourself. I have posted before about the incident that happened when I was at a rodeo and a bucking bull jumped into the stands. Most of the women and children headed for the tall grass and the men, a few women and the older teenage boys went straight for the bull and dogpiled it. I was coming from the snack bar when it went down and once order was restored the show went on.

  5. JDHasty, yup.
    I used to tell my kids to deal with bullies, wait til you’re off school grounds and then beat the ever loving crap out of them.
    Of course they didn’t always listen.
    They didn’t always wait to be off school grounds.
    My daughter was suspended for 5 days once because a bully was harassing another girl and my daughter went up to her and told her if she ever saw her doing anything like that again she’d f’ing kill her. In front of a teacher who was doing nothing.
    One of my sons was kept in the office for hours because a bully claimed he had knives in his backpack. He had no backpack. When my son was let out he promptly walked up to the bully and punched him in the face.

    Ya. You may get in trouble sometimes but it’s better than being a frigging coward.

  6. Soon, I fear the mandatory “Yellow Stars” or “Tattoos” will be enforced as a standard in this national socialist society as politicians on BOTH sides resume business as usual!

  7. @ beachmom SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 AT 9:49 AM

    The sad fact is that practically everyone these days wants to be popular and afraid to do anything that might frustrate that goal. For decades, long before it was the popular thing to do I pointed out to the local powers that be the absolute scandal and disgrace of having a high school named in honor of Woodrow Wilson and took a lot of heat in doing so. It didn’t bother me one bit that the fight was me and a few others against the entire power structure.

    Last year we were treated to story after story about the heroic efforts being made to change the name of the very schools I had been fighting to have renamed for decades. Let me make it absolutely clear what I had to put up with. I was ridiculed, slandered and belittled on national television, without having any way other in the public comments to defend my position… and my reputation. Then watched as my comments were removed and I was blocked from posting further comments. The fucking lying pieces of shit went to far as to tell the entire country that I was a died in the wool racist who had posted things on FaceBook and Twitter that would confirm that. One could search my Twitter, Facebook and any other social media postings and not find any such postings for the simple reason that I have never posted a word therein. So where do I go to get my reputation back after this pack of jackals has drug my name through the mud unjustly? To the credit the Spokesman Review is one of the very few of many local, regional and national news outlets that covered my battle that has not disappeared the stories they once proudly ran. It is a stone cold natural fact that they did so because once there was a shift in popular opinion they no longer wanted the public to consider their sincerity when up to that point they had been mercilessly ridiculing my efforts.

    I wish I had printed those articles to PDF and saved them, most of the links were disabled last year.

    So fucking what? Compared to what I think of myself, everyone else’s opinion of me shrinks to insignificance. One of the proudest moments of my life was when my kids’ mother told me: B doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her, even more than you she is going to say what is on her mind and if they don’t like it she really doesn’t care if they don’t want to be her friend any longer.



    I have nothing but contempt for a coward.

  8. The National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis for those in Rio Linda) had different symbols worn for inmates of the camps. The political prisoners had an inverted red triangle. I recommend we take that, and a “U” for unquaccinated, or an “N” for non-GMO, and wear it proudly.

  9. The Socialist democrats are succeeding in dividing us into two camps the genetically modified and the all the all natural. Were does it end??

  10. Nice how the white guy pegged him off. The guy should have also called them all racist. White people are deathly afraid of that these days.

  11. When I was a brash young man I would often tilt at windmills. Sometimes my stubbornness lost me the good will of friends, neighbors, coworkers. Eventually I learned to pick and choose my fights. Now I see it is time to pick and choose again.

  12. All the typical and common street-corner bobbleheads sitting there like feces lumps claiming they were “vaxxed” have shortened their own lives and that of their families. The stupidly gullible and comically naive in society were always the targets for this toxic untested experimental poison.

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