Florida School Bus Evacuated Over The Smell Of Axe Body Spray

KFI: A school bus with 30 students from Buffalo Creek Middle School in Manatee County, Florida, had to be evacuated after a student emptied an entire can of Axe Body Spray into the air.

The smell was so noxious that the bus driver stopped at an intersection and called 911. Firefighters dressed in full gear arrived and evacuated the students from the bus while they tried to determine the source of the smell. more

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  1. “Florida School Bus Evacuated Over The Smell Of Axe Body Spray”

    One of the greatest headlines ever posted on iOTWREPORT by MJA.


  2. I think almost anything you empty in a bottle or spray particularly in an enclosed area is going to be toxic.
    But I think I’ve had worse. Living in San Fran and having a homeless person that smelled like they’d been bathing and sleeping in urine and crap. Talk about a bus full of people gagging and grasping for the stop cord. That cleared a bus faster than you can imagine and after that I started my long walks to work regardless of rain or whatever. Nothing was worse than that and knowing I could have sat on a seat that guy or someone else like that was on.

  3. When you raise a generation of pussies and continue to indoctrinate them into further helpness, they panic over perfume smells.

    The islamists and antifa thugs, on the other hand, are being raised and indoctrinated to make violence on us, and to keep the snowflakes of the left in line.

  4. can’t be worse than being in an elevator after all the wig-wearing, glue-on nails, pomaded, over-make-up’ed to the point of being mistaken for a circus clown, too-tight dress, w/ boobs about to spill out like a dam trying to hold back way too much jello, open-toes shoes w/ glaringly painted stack-of-potato-chip nails sticking out, more jewelry than a Kay’s Christmas Sale, & a ‘wha-chu-lookin-at?’ attitude pack of ‘ladies’ getting out. that wretched smell can linger all day!

    ‘ladies’! lathering on a gallon of body cream (lard, butter, whatever), 5 cans of hair spray & 12 bottles of Aqua-Velva for Women is no substitute for going without a shower for 2 weeks

    & I worked at a Sewage Treatment Plant for 12 years … & cleaned women’s bathrooms & locker rooms when I first started working … & worked as a construction electrician for 10 years (meaning, I’ve been in week’s worth of backed up port-a-john’s that have smelt better) I’ve smelt it all, baby! 😉

  5. I found a half used can of that stuff and tossed it in stick fire in the back yard.
    It was like a miniature nuclear bomb. Knocked me off my lawn chair and spilled my beer.


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