Florida sheriff tells Al Sharpton to go home and ‘mind your own business’

BPR: Al Sharpton’s grandstanding wasn’t appreciated by a Florida sheriff who told the liberal provocateur to … go home.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri answered reporters’ questions on Monday including a few about Sharpton’s Justice for Markeis McGlocktin rally that took place on Sunday.

The sheriff’s office has come under fire for not immediately making an arrest after McGlockton was shot dead in a Clearwater parking lot, Fox 13 reported.

Gualtieri says the shooter, Michael Drejka, wasn’t arrested because he feared for his life and claims he is protected under the state’s Stand Your Ground Law.

That didn’t stop Sharpton from marching down to Florida to hold a rally demanding that Gualtieri hand over his badge unless Drejka is arrested. more here

7 Comments on Florida sheriff tells Al Sharpton to go home and ‘mind your own business’

  1. Eric Cartman use to be my hero, now it’s Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, no kidding,, Only thing better would be if the Sheffield asked Al if he wanted a drink from the Fire Hose.

  2. What did our dads all tell us about bullies? You push back — even a little — and you’ll find an insecure fraud. That old race hustler is still just a race hustler. Hope more #WalkAways are paying attention.

    (I’m praying for the day when someone comes right out on the national stage and calls Sharpton to his face excactly that.)

  3. Al Sharpton appears before the cameras with festoons of loose skin draped over his gaunt frame looking more like a desperate beggar than an activist.
    Times have changed Al, time to get a new gig.

  4. Sharpton would be right at home in a funeral home as a Paid Mourner when it’s busy and a casket fitter on Mondays and Tuesdays….

  5. When Al finally assumes room temperature I hope his hell is a place with no TV cameras, bull-horn or mirrors

  6. Mario Cuomo sent his close friend Sharpton to say dumb things on his behalf, because Mario was busy funneling more money to his family and crooked political friends in Puerto Rico.


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