Florida to consider divesting all state funds from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google… – IOTW Report

Florida to consider divesting all state funds from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google…

DeSantis for president.

17 Comments on Florida to consider divesting all state funds from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google…

  1. Good to see! We can’t just roll over and take this shit anymore. It drives me nuts to be tied to Washington. Even the republicans are democrats here.

  2. Saw that posted elsewhere. This is a letter from a Fla State Representative to Governor DeSantis. On a similar note, just because I write a letter to Gov Abbott doesn’t mean he is considering Texas secession.

  3. Looking at what DeSantis has said and done in the past, much of which has been commendable, it’s my opinion that he will give this serious consideration. I think it’s better then 50:50 he’ll act on it. I’m about to contact his office and ask him to do just that.

  4. Them there is that cocksuker.
    We have to deatroy thr GOP well before 2024

  5. Look at all the states following his example! You will NOT be crushed in the stampede!

  6. You can’t arrive at your destination without taking the first step!

  7. It’s tempting to move to one of these states with good Guvs.
    Maine is a frigging mess under the rule of one vindictive dictator.

  8. @Beachmom — C’mon down! But if any of your family members vote Democrat, please leave them there and don’t give them your new address.

  9. Beachmom, I think you should consider Washington. We have a horrible governor and state legislature, but we need a bunch of conservatives to move in and help vote some of these bastards out.

  10. Yeah, Beachmom. Did you know that I used to live on a beach? So, come to Washington State. Our islands are somewhat like Maine’s. And our Governor will eventually die, so there’s hope. Okay, we’re known as “The Soviet State Of Washington” but a bunch of us are still here fighting. I visited Maine once and my rental van’s brakes died with my kids in it and I had to use the hand brake to stop. We finally got to Bar Harbor, and I said to my (ex-)wife, this looks a lot like Puget Sound.

    Never mind this comment. I think it was something I ate, like Penn Cove mussels last night. They tasted like… like Democrats.

  11. My Sister and brother in law (ex Toronto Police Sargent) have a home in Florida as do my parents.
    They have been avoiding travel down there since this plandemic started.
    My parents, well lets just say medical insurance at their age if they can get it puts them out of the picture.
    I may have to buy their home and become a Florida man.
    I’m semi retired so yeah,I think i may become semi American.

  12. I just realized That the term “semi American” may not sit well with some.
    I mean it as a compliment.

  13. semi American

    No offense taken here. Made sense.

    But we need your vote, too. So consider fully American at some point?

    Of course you could just identify as Mexican during Novembers and vote several times. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  14. Randy Fine is a RINO and a publicity wh0re. Maybe he is truly trying as he was almost voted out this year. But he is NOT a conservative. He’s a self serving politician. Take it from someone who lives in his district. The Gov is a good guy, but Fine is a RINO.

  15. I live in a red county surrounded by blue cities. With squishy R state congress and strong (evil strong) Governor and her administration, I don’t know how long our county sheriff can hold off the tyranny rampant in my state.

    Unless President Trump survives for another 4 years, looking unlikely every day (but I haven’t given up hope and still pray daily that God will have mercy on us), I’m not sure where I could go (or if/when).

    God bless us all wherever we are. I trust him no matter what my circumstances.


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