Florida’s Mail In Ballots come With Convenient “D” and “R” Envelop Code Labeling


PALM BEACH, Fla. (CNN)– A Florida woman is raising concerns after noticing an “R” for Republican on one mail-in ballot and a “D” for Democrat on another.

“He’s a registered Democrat and I’m a registered Republican. And so when we were doing our votes together, we were going to send it out together, put it in the mail, it was going to be fun,” she told WPTV.

“Look at my brother’s who’s a Democrat. It says 4212D. That’s Democrat. Then you go here because we’re the same address anyways, 4212R. Oh my God, they can see who my political affiliation is and I don’t like that…I just think we should not have our political affiliations on there.” More

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  1. If you eliminate the D and the R on the envelopes how will the unionized mail carriers know which envelopes to disappear?

  2. Duh!
    That’s the point, ain’t it?

    Can’t believe we’re really this fukkin dumb, and then – WHOMP! dere it is!

    Blatant, obvious, open, in-your-face, challenging-you-to-bitch, vote-fraud!

    We can’t say we didn’t see it coming.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. So they know your party affiliation, where you live and how you voted. I’m voting in person, thank you. At least my ballot is anonymous when it’s thrown out.

  4. OK so much anonymous safe voting.

    What is to keep a postal person from recording your voting party and passing it along opposing forces for protest or yard destruction. Or WORSE “accidentally” causing future mail delivery issues IF they don’t agree with what they see on the envelop?

    Then there is the QUICK VISUAL SORT process to damage or misplace the R ballots.

  5. I dunno, man. Since Trump took away all the sorting machines, D and R might be confusing to our postal workers who have to sort by hand. Maybe the next batch should have a little picture of a horse or hippo instead.

  6. If I was too lazy or inconvenienced to go out and vote I’d mail it certified. At least when it’s opened there’ll be someone of the opposing party watching.

  7. There ought to be no party-identifying marks, period.

    However, remember that this was a primary election, and Florida has closed primaries: you can vote in partisan races only if you are registered as a voter for that specific party. The ballots that dems and reps get are different. Everybody get to vote on NON-partisan issues/races, but only reps get to vote on partisan races.

    What bad actors can do by “losing” a particular party’s member’s ballots is influence the outcome of non-partisan races or issues. This is bad, but not as bad as influencing reps vs. dems races.

  8. The article states party designations are only used for primaries making sure correct primary ballot is sent …… makes sense

  9. Washington did this a couple elections ago. I looked for it this past primary and I didn’t see any identifying marks on the ballots. They must be using something I didn’t recognize.

  10. We already have a new method of voting that was initiated by President Trump over a year ago. Chain Block voting will be be an option or we can vote at the polls. It will be our choice. Our President is way ahead of those libs, who are already trying to demonize this method.

  11. If you get a mail in ballot,take it with you to the polling place and tear it up just before you go in to vote.

  12. Not going to worry about it in Primary elections. It’s for sorting which party the ballot belongs to before counting..

    Better not be on ballots for the general election.

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